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Zita, Charu, and Daira have a shared purpose to work with the children.

As for every Divine Feminine’s Divine Purpose here is to do our own healing, we know that in order to heal another soul, one has to be healed enough.

Having the inclination and calling to move forward in working with the kids, the amount of growth, healing, and wisdom has finally aligned us to perfect Divine timing.

We are grateful that for the first time on our own spiritual journey, we have the opportunity to announce that we will be moving forward with working with the children as the next step in our mission and we are grateful for all of the love and the support that we receive!

Understanding The Children

and Their Connection to Source

Every child is connected to Source. 


From connecting to the colors, to the clouds, to the sky, to the water, 

to bonding with animals, to running barefoot on the ground, and even to pencils and erasers, 

Everything means a lot to them.


Understanding The Children

and Their Connection to Source

Every child is connected to Source. 


From connecting to the colors, to the clouds, to the sky, to the water, 

to bonding with animals, to running barefoot on the ground, and even to pencils and erasers, 

Everything means a lot to them.

Their connection to Source is way different than we can ever imagine.

Children’s resistance level is much less compared to us.

The deeper our emotions are towards anything, the faster is the manifestation.

For children, that is the space which they are in.


Their gratitude level and their emotions are so deep, 

the love is very pure,

that without any resistance, they are able to connect with the things that they love.

Since their emotions are very deep,

it can also go the other end as well.

Children are sensitive, innocent, and vulnerable

and the damage done at that stage of their life also intensifies

and gets carried on within them, in their subconscious, as they grow. 


Each child in this world is different,

Knowing each child and taking care of a child’s wellbeing

is very important for each of them require love in the way

that they want to receive in order for their wellbeing.



What we've done for our first project thus far...

As our first project of this year for the children,

we have contributed fun and colorful school supplies to a school of 170 kids and had gifted each child in every grade in that school.


In providing these essentials, the supplies that were chosen were with the intention of bringing joy, smiles, and something new and different for the children, and was ensured that they’d be different than just any ordinary school supplies they are used to seeing. 


Along with this bundle of pure happiness, we have printed out a questionnaire for the children to write and answer, interacting with them and getting to know about their dreams and their favorite color. This questionnaire has also helped us get to know who they are and have a connection. 


Our Goal...

We hope to continue and expand, eventually in creating books for many schools, helping them engage with colors, animals and science in a way that they will remember for a lifetime and can use them in their lives as they continue to grow and fulfill all of their dreams. 


Books similar to encyclopedia, nature books, science books, and even books about heritage culture. Including images, light language activations and written information which will help them in school, and throughout their lives, while also helping them get connected to their heart and dreams no matter where they will go.


Eventually venturing to creating supplies for the children which they can take to school to also teaching science in a simple way, seeing the connection with Source in everything so that the love inside of them continues to thrive and fund into their authenticity as individuals of this world. 

Children’s understanding of Source is completely different from how we understand Source.

Our special contribution for the kids included has light language visual activation with the intention to help give them strength, and to help them grow the connection that they already have with Source and develop it. 


If anyone are curious and are wanting to know how light language can help a child, 

or to know how to help a child develop the connection with Source, 


Visit our Pinterest Board: https://pinterest.com/wisdomtalkwithzita/messages-from-little-zita/

There are many channeled posts which can help you understand the work that has been put up for the kids. 

This page offers channeled messages from the children collective.

Being with children is extreme healing and extreme beautiful.

It was very beautiful to see their faces light up with cheers and smiles.

Sending love and joy into their lives brought love and joy into ours. 


If you feel connected to this project,

you can join us by contributing...

Here are ways you can contribute:

2.   Booking any of our service on our website, and it will go straight to this donation



We will be sharing more on our projects with the children, and any upcoming planning which you can contribute.


We will also share more posts about the children for all of us to feel the energy of joy of giving to the kids, the joy of bonding with the kids, and the gratitude and bliss that the kids are going to have.

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Our Deep Gratitude...

"We should let every child know what true beauty is.

Every child is beautiful.

Every child is deserving of something nice.

Any obstacle can be faced.

Everything can be healed.

All it takes is a kind heart.

All it takes is love."

- Zita



We are all in it together. 

It is a beautiful place of being whole and complete. 

Let us share our light.

With love,

Heartstrings Connection

Zita, Charu, Daira

Best Friends in Service

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