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Divine Blessings


A PDF will be sent to you upon completion

Divine Masculine Channeling

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Divine Masculine Channeling
Divine Masculine Channeling


Divine Blessings

A PDF will be sent to you upon completion

About the Service

For those interested in getting to know what this service includes and what you can expect to receive, 


This Channeling Includes :

  • Message from the Divine based on your current energy
  • Message from your Twin’s higher self based on your current energy
  • Astrology Chart reading based on you and your twin’s astrological charts
  • Schumann resonance  influence and healing with respect to your twin flame journey

After Resgistration, please include the following:

  • Any particular question you would like to ask the higher self of your Divine Masculine so that Zita can channel it 
  • Please include you and your twin's date of birth & location of birth through email in order to complete the astrology portion 

What if I am not sure what my twin's date of birth and location of birth is?

Any information you would like to include will do and help. For example, if you only just know of their sun sign, moon sign, etc, this can also help. If you only know their date of birth, this can help as well.

You also do have the option and choice to have your own personal astrological reading as it will still be in connection to your Twin Flame journey in helping you.

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