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Crystal Activation & Clearing

Crystal Activation & Clearing


A gifted, powerful tool handed down to us,

crystals are benneficial for our ascension,.

To implement these spiritual tools in our journey, we are assisted in:

  • Energetic Protection
  • Purification 
  • Soothing & Relieving Traits for Healing
  • Improving Emotional, Mental, and Physical Health
  • Centering & Grounding
  • Clearing Blocks In Our Chakras & Opens Us Up
  • Developing Our Abilities & Bond To Connect To Source


Each crystal has its own special element unconditionally extending their energy & support.

It is important to take good care of them.


This light language activation is from Mother Earth which will help clear the energy in your crystals and enhance its properties. 


You can play this audio to your crystals at any time.

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