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Earth Star Chakra Activation

Earth Star Chakra Activation


This is created as a 10 minute meditation light language audio activation mixed with binaural beats with a beautiful sound of the Nile River in Egypt recorded by Zita.

The tone of the binaural beat is set to 68.05 Hz.

Meditating while listening to this Earth Star Chakra Activation will help you to balance and ground especially during high energy waves. 


Learn more about connecting with the Earth Star Chakra in this channeled message:


Channeled Message From The Earth Star Chakra:

* Earth Star Chakra is the first chakra

* It is the grounding energy

* When this chakra is open and activated

* You get to access the healing energies directly from Mother Gaia

* As you learn how to work with this energy

* You start to heal

* The anxiety fades, things start appearing more clear

* Your purpose is shown

* You feel lighter

* You become one with life

* You also start connecting with crystals, plants, tree, land and animals

* You are now able to obtain guidance and healing from them

* You tap into the energy of self healing

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