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Light Language Activation For Creativity

Light Language Activation For Creativity


Light Language Activation from the Eternal City of Rome For Creativity.


From the land in which many men connected to source such as Michaelangelo, Plato, and even Socrates. 

These men contributed to the humanity in the most immense way by standing in their truth and nourishing their soul. 

This activation was given onto us to enhance creativity. 

It is for anyone who has the passion, the interest, and the drive towards the work that one does.

It is for anyone who want to enhance their connectivity to source and receive great ideas and find solutions.

From the chosen colors to the conscious brush strokes.

This holds the energy of creativity in the physical combined with the energy of the Universal womb as well as everything within the laws of nature in harmonious balance

Thus, helping to break and lift the bonds that stand in the way of our passion and our dreams. 


You may print this painting out and place it in your space,

or simply leave it open or keep it near you while you work.

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