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Light Language Activation from Angels for Star seed Kids

Light Language Activation from Angels for Star seed Kids


Children are empathetic in nature and few carry more blessings and born with a purpose and need more understanding and help with the things that they go through on everyday basis.

To understand more about the star seed children, watch our youtube video:


Here is a channeling we received from Pleiadian energy:                                                                                                                                          

They are children who are sensitive

They are children who are born with a purpose

They are an empath by birth

They absorb everything around them

As they grow and ascend they heal that specific vibration for all

They heal the land where they were born

Star seed children’s environment has to be protected

They require a safe environment

They need soul nourishment as they feel everything on a deeper level

There are many little ones out there who are star seeds

Send them your love 

You are responsible, awakened ones


Share and play this song to empathetic kids before sleep.

This light language song holds the energy of the angels and the star seed children collective, helping the children to dissipate pain rather than absorbing it.

Also protects them in their dream space keeping them safe by surrounding them with love.

Regular use of this activation will dissolve their karma from past life and help them awaken to higher consciousness with more understanding. 


This funding will go into our mission to build and establish an NGO, creating a platform to help empathetic children.

We are all in this together. As we are awakening our hearts to the higher love, we carry the love that children require, which can help the younger generation.


Zita, Charu, Daira

Best friends in service

Heartstrings Connections

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