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Twin Flames: Lifting Karmic Bonds

Twin Flames: Lifting Karmic Bonds


Socrates... Michelangelo… 

It was the place where the men became who they are. 


They were freed from the karmic bonds,

Faced the walls of the society.

It gave them strength to be who they are and thus helped humanity as well. 

That’s the power of the land.


We have performed a ritual in Italy, Rome

helping the karmic bonds to be lifted 

in the presence of Zeus, Athena, and Winged Lion.


The Sacred Circle in Egypt 

Was an initiation for the Divine Masculines to awaken from the 3d world.

To recognize the connection with the Divine Feminine.


The Ritual in Rome has been a part two:

Initiating the karmic bonds to dissolve by giving thanks to them…

For teaching the value of the Divine Feminine.


Love is the greatest vibration…

We send them love and dissolve the bonds.


Only through love, we can solve and lift the karma.

Only through alignment with love, one can lift from Karma. 


On this package, you will receive:


1. A channeled message about the Full Circle

  • This is crucial to understand the depths about karma and why we are here
  • Reading these channeled messages help activate a memory in our DNA
  • The more we connect with these channeled messages, the more it activates this part in us
  • Helping us understand and heal in our journey


2. Prayer From Zeus To Lift Karma 


3. Light Code Activation On Lifting Karmic Bonds by Zeus and Athena


4. Light Language Activation From Zeus To Help The Divine Masculine To Remember Their Divine purpose :

  • As twin flames, our souls are twined together in every breathe. This particular light code will connect to your DM through your eyes as it activates your DNA 🧬.  


5. Light code activation for Abundance from Mother Mary

  • This is a light code activation we received from Mother Mary during this trip. We wanted to include it onto this package.
  • This light language activation helps lift the abundance blocks. Due to a lot of programming from the constraints in which society has instilled upon us, it is not always easy to remove these blocks on our own. Connecting with this light code will help in the next phase, layer by layer, healing and lifting the blocks and liberating from the constraints so that one is able to receive abundance in all ways.
  • Upon working and meditating with these light codes, one is able to heal the mind and the heart. Removing the programing layer by layer and gaining the wisdom and understanding in one’s very own energy.
  • Through love, one can expand. With Love.


To learn more about how it all began, ritual, Sacred ritual which was in Egypt, ritual in Rome, as well as the Lion's Gate Portal, we have a blog:


Lots of love and many blessings

Zita, Charu, Daira

Best friends in service

Heartstrings Connections

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