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Womb Chakra Activation

Womb Chakra Activation


This includes:

A Visual Light Code Activation

A light language audio activation with music


Channeled Message From The Womb Chakra:

I am the 13th chakra of union 

The union of the masculine and feminine energies within

This chakra gets activated for those whose has recognition of the past,

Who have been known by the land 

Who have walked the Earth before and has served humanity and helped it ascend.


They are strong vessels of light.

Their light leads, their light guides and brings light workers together.

Their light awakens memories of light workers,

Which is buried deep within their soul and helps them break free from the constraints which is holding them back in their DNA 


Womb chakra Awakened souls have warrior energy within them.

They are born again to lead…

Lead humanity to light by destroying evil and conditioning.

They have awakened the Divine Goddess energy within.


She is connected to universe’s womb energy; 

It is from there that the creativity is enhanced.

She is now able to give birth to new life and give life to her surroundings, projects, which was stagnant for a long time.


The restoration of life starts for her.

She knows her life purpose in every cell.

Nothing in the 3D stops her; she has now gained additional strength to face her fears.


At this phase, her soul tribe comes to her.

She is connected to her true family, family of light. 

Her soul is nourished in their presence. 

The ones whom she can truly trust appears to her.

Their love is so pure towards each other. 

Pure souls are joined together with true intentions.

Life feels lighter when connected with soul tribes, awakens the bliss within.


Joy & laughter comes into life along with this support system which is like no other.

The ones with whom she can trust her life with, appear. 

The divine team is formed.

Her connection with the higher energies strengthens.

She has a strong support system with the heavenly beings.

They assist her and strengthen her.


Her light is seen by everyone,

She is recognized for her light.

People see her sacred heart;

It shines and blesses pure hearts.


She is now able to ward off the impurities, they tremble in her presence.

Impure intentions within individuals are triggered out their system by her light, helping them clear negativity within and ascend.


Connect with Mother Gaia loved ones,

Connect with the Universe’s womb to clear and awaken this chakra.


Be a warrior, know that this journey is a spiral and you visit your lesson again and again until it is turned into wisdom 

Be patient, practice zero point neutralization.

Go within to find yourself. You are whole.


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