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Lion's Gate Portal - Astrology - Opening Us Up To The 0 Point

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Lion’s Gate Portal - 808 - Opening Us Up To The 0 Point

Approaching the Lion’s Gate Portal, we have been slowly but surely swirling into the void, the space in which there is nothing and everything simultaneously. The energies of the Lion come in roaring and bursting. The rays of making the hidden known. Though has brought in high energies, eagerness, and restlessness, what has been generating within each and one of us is for the release of misconceived ideals. The resistance, the blocks, and the constraints that hold us back from living as our authentic selves. This Lion’s Gate Portal, is an energetic shift. It is the gates of empowerment and strength, simply allowing ourselves to walk through, revitalizing us to believe we are deserving of abundance (the meaning behind the number 88, 888, and 808.)

What Are We Supposed To Do On The Lion’s Gate Portal?

It it said that according to the orbited movements of the planets, the Lion’s Gate Portal lasts from July 26 to August 12. The Lion’s Gate portal is an activation. Knowing what to do on this very day, and in any day of activations, is essential for what is to come, for the effects that happens after will be for a lifetime. The reason why is because even though we already practice this everyday, a day of an activation portal means that everything and anything done on that day must be done with mindfulness for one will receive many doors and openings to a new stage and beginning. Allowing one to move forward onto their path.

Through powerful activation dates, along with strong influential planetary transits and high frequency Schumann Resonance levels, comes with events that strike up a layer of our subconscious memory. Healing is important on these moments, for blessing portals through triggers and purges will present themselves to us. It is at this moment, we become responsible for the way we carry and project our energy and vibration onto this existence. It is a beautiful feeling to know that it is during these stages of events, in which triggers and purges arise, when we open up to the rewards.

“Purge : blessing portal

Learning to heal during the purge with the help of the assisting energies is powerful than any long hours of meditation.” - Zita

In essence, it is important to be aware and conscious of our energy, and vibration. To have an awareness of what we are attracting into our lives, what occurrences are presenting itself to us and how we choose to receive it rather than react to it, in order to go with the ebb and flow of the Universe.

An experience has come about to teach me this very importance on harnessing and mastering through the ebb and flow of the Universe. Often, we do not know what is to come about in our day. That being said, having made plans and commitment to help my parents with their new pet, an unexpected change had presented itself to me relating to mission work. I became worried that I will be late to help with my parents. Thoughts of them thinking that I did not care, and so on and so forth, were causing me to be in a state of pressure. Zita had calmly explained to me that those were not their voices. Those are just the thoughts that are coming up for clearing. Those are the subconscious thoughts that have been embedded for many years.

Zita then had asked me, “how do you want to be connected when you go to your parents?” She further added, “It is only about the energy. As and when the energies come up for clearing, do not give up the control to your thoughts. The thoughts that arises are only connected to the old programming. Which means it will try and convince you that you are not worthy, that you are not deserving. Instead, how do you want to feel? Full? Love? Feel what you want to experience when you go see your parents and help with their new pet, and harness that very energy.”

Understanding this helped calm my nerves and alleviate me from all of the stress. As part of the purging and healing process, we will feel our most vulnerable yet excruciating thoughts arise from our subconscious memories. At this place, we tend to want to react and start defining ourselves to our thoughts. This is the point we decide what route we want to move forward in. And the only way, is through it.

“Having the patience to sit with it, not rushing, just letting the thoughts go as you focus on what you want to feel, is the process of effective healing,” was Zita’s most helpful message for any purges, triggers, and tough , sensitive times.

My learning experience can be connected to everything else such as, when things are not going as planned and you feel the need to be in a rush and/or a hurry, being late, returning a message, etc. This is in connection to waiting for the perfect timing. Allowing ourselves to sit patiently and working through the matter. It is then, we can do our projects with love. Spend time with our family in the energy of love. And just do anything and everything with love.

“It is all about Source and energy. It is all Divine. Often, we have to be willing to let go. It could have been possible that you were not needed for that particular time. That your parents needed some alone time with their pet and needed to understand something new, or have a beautiful experience. Then you come in the picture, at the perfect timing.”- Zita

I am honestly very grateful for Zita’s guidance because I understood at a deeper level, that this is what it is like to spend the Lions Gate Portal. An experiences like this held plenty of activations, helping me open new doors, grow, and connect to the Divine. All it takes is mindfulness, conscious awareness, and to practice mastering and understanding energy and vibration through the ebb and flow of the universe, cycles of Life. If done even on an everyday basis, we can think back to what Zita had mentioned before, “learning to heal during the purge with the help of the assisting energies is powerful than any long hours of meditation.”

Jupiter Retrograde Going Direct on August 11th - Understanding What Abundance Truly Is & Reaping The Rewards

On a much grander scale, during the time in which Jupiter had gone retrograde sometime in April 2019, was all about reaching a more solidified place of knowing. To further expatiate, it is as if knowing that it was time but not much seemed to happen in the physical reality. It felt close but not quite. It was in our vision, we could almost taste it!! But…. there was more understanding, realizations, and certainly, effective healing to have gained. That was the goal that Jupiter in Retrograde had ensured: that we matched and aligned with the energy and vibration to what was placed in our hearts.

Lasting for about 4 months, the process allowed us to shed old habits and belief systems relating to the restraints and control. And as we look back during the period of Jupiter Retrograde, we can agree that the time in which has developed up to this point, has made us confident and ready to go out and reap the rewards.

Jupiter, being the planet that holds the energy and vibration of opportunities, abundance, and expansion, going direct buoyantly shouts the phrase, “reap your rewards!” The enthusiasm and optimism begins afresh, remembering the time again we felt oh! so close! This time, the law of attraction magnifies. The visions which we had, which was placed in our hearts, are before us. As the blocks are being lifted, we remember the channeling by Zita from the Raven. Zeus, also known as Jupiter by the Romans, we can make a distinction of the connection behind Greece/Rome, and how Zeus has split the twins because of many years of fear and separation based mentality. The curse/separation/judgement/fear/etc. is being removed. This transit brings in a positive and favorable time as it opens us up into love.

Mercury Opposition Pluto, Sun Conjunction Venus and Mars - Letting Go Of The Control - Healing The Need To Know Everything

We have been under the influence of the Sun (Leo) Conjunction Venus (Leo) and Mars (Leo) for some time. With our energy and vitality levels really high, settling down is not the first thing that comes to mind. This can come in different ways. For one, if we have always striving to accomplish but in the energy of fear. Two, suppressing and avoiding emotions. Three, not allowing things to be the way it is, especially when there has been an unexpected change, turn, or course.

Mercury Opposition Pluto has an effect to want to piece things together and make sense out of things. A positive trait about this transit is that it helps us to see aspects of ourselves which was hidden. Mainly through recognition of our thought processes, intentions, motives, moods, actions, decisions, and feelings as they all come into light and are very clear to our understanding.

If we become consciously aware of these effects, the combination of these three transits can lead and guide us into breaking away the standard barriers of needing to know every single thing. This restricts us, closing ourselves off. In another layer, this also helps us know how to fall back with trust. Where do we go and what do we do when nothing seems to go as planned? When we practice on and surrender to the unknown, Divine does wonders and we feel ourselves become in the presence of magic. We can achieve inner peace and stability.

Uranus Going Retrograde August 12 - January 2020 - Aligning With Our Higher Calling

The planet of Uranus is all about reformation. It catalyzes us for change through natural forces which can be disruptive. Breaking away from our comforts, often with no option but to let go of what we thought brought us stability. From the span of this retrograde reaching all the way to January, we can expect internal and external shifts. We reevaluate and begin to start reforming the true meaning of what the word ‘stability’ really is. When the unexpected occurs, this is where we can best practice alignment. Knowing that true foundation is Source. We enter in the security of the loving comforts of the Divine.

Divine Feminines have been doing effective healing that the Divine timing has come to embody our purpose and mission. To go out and live!To be grateful of the abundance that we already have and seeing the beauty in everything. That is the live that we are living now, full of abundance. The connection that we have with the Divine, the Higher Guidance… even my best friends, Zita and Charu… is a gift and a blessing. Especially our Divine sacred connection with our twins. To even be a Twin Flame. To be walking here experiencing Life, Mother Earth. To be on the awakening journey, path towards Unity Consciousness.

With Love,

Zita, Charu, Daira

Best Friends in Service

Heartstrings Connection

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