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Understanding the importance of the 2020 Energies Speeding Up The Twin Flame Bond

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Hello Beautiful Soul Family

This is Charu writing this blog. On this blog we are going to be focusing on the various celestial events that are energizing the Earth at this point. This blog, I am sure, just like how it has helped Zita, Daira and I understand the current energies, will help you all too understand the significance of the twin flame bond in 2020 and help give a perspective to all those who need to catch up in healing starting from the Lunar eclipse (10th January) until the Full moon energies that transpired yesterday.

To know more about the Solar eclipse and the New Moon event, its connection with the Twin flame journey and a detailed explanation of Moon cycles, please look into our recent blog by clicking the link:

We have been in eclipse cycle since December 2019. Let’s begin with an understanding of what the lunar eclipse is?

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth and into its shadow. This means that the Earth is aligned between the Moon and the Sun. The Moon is at the far side of the Earth and the Sun. There are various types of lunar eclipse that happens which depends on the kinds of shadow that the Earth casts on the Moon. We all know that during a lunar eclipse the Moon is completely covered by the shadow of the Earth. However, the kind of lunar eclipse that we witnessed on 10th January 2020 is called the PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE.

Here, the Full Moon passes through the Earth’s penumbra. The earth’s shadow is divided into two distinctive parts: umbra (the central part of the Earth, which completely occludes the Sun’s Light) and penumbra (the exterior part of the Earth, which only partially blocks the sunlight). As a result, the Moon’s brightness will be reduced, as it is less strongly illumined by the Sun, but the whole of the Moon’s disk will be illuminated to a certain degree. The penumbral eclipses are quite rare and are not very easy to observe since only a small portion of the Moon is shadowed by the Earth.

We might wonder why the lunar eclipse doesn’t happen at Full Moon every month.

This is where the importance of Moon node points comes into being. As the Moon circles the Earth, the Moon also pass through the orbital plane of the Earth-Sun twice a month, at the points called the nodes which are at opposite ends of each other. A lunar eclipse happens only when one of the node points happens to coincide with a Full Moon. This happens approximately every six months, usually two weeks before or after a Solar eclipse.

The alignment of the Sun and the Moon tells us that the DM’s are for a brief while feeling the separation from the DF’s. The DM’s are being hit in a place where they need to choose LOVE to EGO as the DF’s pulls away. With the Earth in between, the DF’s are grounding the higher love in the physical by facing the fears. The DM’s are being pushed to face the fears at the moment. It is the right time to work on our root chakra. Root chakra is the major healing of this year apart from every twin having your respective dominant chakra blockages that you have to work with. As the DF’s have undergone healing for few years now, it is time to surrender all of it to the Divine and reap the rewards and focus on being WHOLE and ground.

What does the time of Full Moon inform us?

During Full Moon our core energy is tested. It illumines the conflict which was buried inside of us for years. The clearing that happens during a Full Moon is very crucial on twin flame journeys. Also, the separation pain between the twins can get real and that void that’s inside of us is also intensified during Full Moons (to get a detailed understanding click on:

The Full Moon that we are dealing with is very potent as it is a Lunar eclipse. Also, it’s even more potent and intense due to the Moon opposing very strong planets like Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, Uranus and Ceres. This Full Moon is occurring in the sign of Cancer i.e. we have Moon in Cancer and Sun in Capricorn.

Moon in Cancer (Ruling Planet: The Moon and Element: Water) and Sun in Capricorn (Ruling Planet: Saturn (carries masculine energy) and Element: Earth).

Cancer’s core expression is to effortlessly feel and nurture while; the core expression of Capricorn is commanding by nature and does all the hard work to build to last a lifetime.

The Sun talks about “how you express who you are and how you shine” (carries a masculine energy) whereas, The Moon is the planet of emotions with its ruling sign as Cancer. The Moon and Cancer carry a Feminine energy. The Moon is at home since she is the natural ruler of the sign of Cancer, it is going to be highly emotional for everyone.

With the heightening impact of Cancer- Capricorn axis involved in the Full Moon and Lunar eclipse, and with an understanding of the energies carried by the two signs and their respective ruling planets, we can deduce that the Lunar eclipse is asking us to look more closely into the balancing of the feminine and masculine energies within us i.e. the embodiment of the energy of WHOLENESS. Only by being whole within ourselves can we attract our Divine counterparts. Also, the Moon opposite Sun during the lunar eclipse accentuates the yin and the yang polarities which creates some sort of uneasiness in energy. This uneasiness is magnified due to the supercharged Full Moon (due to the lunar eclipse) opposite to the dominant and dynamic planets.

Neglecting either ends of the axis will surely boomerang on us. Ideally, a balance should be found between the two energies (a time of balancing the dichotomy between our heads and hearts) and this is what this Lunar eclipse in Full Moon is inviting us to do.

Sun in Capricorn ruled by Saturn (carrying high masculine energy) and Moon in Cancer (carrying high feminine energy) again implies the 2020 energies facilitating the grounding of higher love carried by the DF’s to the physical. The energies from 2019 to 2020 represents the shift from old energy to a new energy. This shift in the energies is intensified by the planets that have lined up opposite Capricorn. Everything that doesn’t belong to us (low vibration) will be suctioned out if we like it or not. So having a conscious awareness and making conscious attempts to release will be easier than offering resistance to this flow of release. Which only tells us all that having clarity about our journey is crucial at this point with the 2020 energies cruising its way on Earth. Hence at this point, knowing to purge becomes very important to facilitate fast and effective healing.

A detailed understanding of the 2020 energies and the twin flame bond can be heard from our podcast: (Twin Flame Energy Update: Divine Masculine Energy Reading, 2020 Speeding Up The Twin Flame Union:

The onset of 2020 is a year which is going to have a huge influence on the twin flames and ramping up the healing between the twins to facilitate the unions. To know more on the energies of DF and DM, please listen to our podcast: Twin Flame Energy Update: The 7th Day Since The 2020 Energy, Heart Chakra Healing ( To understand the twin flame awakening, there are two kinds of energies that has a huge influence on us.

  1. Conscious energy: Conscious effort to be in alignment and healing, understanding the intricacies of the SACRED BOND, pulling ourselves out of a purge, learning the laws of universe, energy and experiencing energies.

  2. The Twin Flame Bond: This energy that we witness is not a part of any other awakening. We are whole with our twin’s energy and this aspect is a bliss for us.

To know more about the channelings, please click (Twin Flame Energy Update: Divine Masculine Energy Reading, 2020 Speeding Up The Twin Flame Union): Energy of 2020 is now highlighting the twin flame bond energy and as evident as it is, the celestial events are exaggerating the bond now. Till the beginning of this year, 2020, the celestial events were aiding us to work on our healing- conscious energy. Having a thorough knowledge on how to purge and becoming comfortable with the process of consciously working on our energies, we are now being pushed into the high speed vortex of energies that are working on twin flame bond energies. It is high time now that we, the DF’s, reach a place of maturation, an understanding that we are a twined soul, we are whole with our twin’s energy and that no matter what, there is no separation between the twins- separation is just an illusion.

Another interesting observation is that the aspect of New Moon/ Solar eclipse (26th December 2019); the Moon was in the sign of Capricorn, while this Full Moon/Lunar eclipse; the Sun is in Capricorn. Capricorn being an Earth element talks about the opening of an effective gateway (eclipse season) for grounding of the higher in the physical. And this time, it is a combined effort of the grounding that is happening with both the DM and the DF as is evident from the transition of the sign, Capricorn from Moon (representative of DF) to Sun (representative of the DM). The DM’s are understanding this sacred bond ( and grounding the healing that they are doing by facing their fears.

The gateway for this energy was opened up in the month of November, 2019 ( The eclipse season now is intensifying this grounding energy for the physical unions.

Zita, in this video:, talks about the space opening up for all the twins to make way for the physical reunions and how it is time for the DF’s to reap or rewards because of the healing that we have done through our conscious awareness. Here she talks about the SEPERATION PHASE OF THE DF’S and how our clearing and healing was related to the higher. This period is taking us all back to all those periods before the awakening and separation phases to ground and heal those aspects for the DM’s to step in for the reunions. It is the DM’s who are facilitating in the grounding of the higher love and understanding that the DF’s carry for a “HARMONIUS REUNION” (Sexual energy of DM+ higher heart of the DF). “Gaining clarity about your journey is important at this point and to release the DM’s” is the message from ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. It was also an important period for ROOT CHAKRA clearing to eliminate all the fears which were coming up for DF’s due to the DM’S: Also, the maternal blood line clearing was happening during this time w.r.t to the DF’s and DM’s. Knowing this information can get many of you back in alignment by taking the necessary actions required to dissolve the issue. Being in alignment is the only way out on this journey.

The Zodiac sign of Capricorn is depicted by a Sea- Goat. It is symbolized by the hoof of a mountain goat and the tail of a fish. It is said that Capricorn is the workhorse of all the Zodiac signs which means the sign is known for being hardworking, achieving and ambitious. With its magical tail, the sign is known to plunge into imagination, creativity and production. This tail aspect which carries with it a sense of mysticism, which to me, talks about the connection to the higher, whereas the head part of the Sea Goat is the connection in the physical. This again implies the grounding of the higher template of LOVE in the physical.

The Schumann Resonance chart indicate white flashes on the graphs which is due to the increased speed of the solar winds that gushing into the Earth at this time.

The influence of the solar winds is pretty strong with the power of all the frequencies that we see in the white blotch pillars as very high. Incoming solar winds always bring in energies to heal an aspect that requires our immediate attention to proceed on with the journey. Offering resistance to the incoming energies will delay the step forward towards healing. The highest power of Schumann Resonance frequency was at 65 until now. With all this happening, you can expect to be confronted with triggers which bring out the various subconscious traumas, deep seated emotions and pain to surface for healing. When challenged with triggers at this time, it is important to respond vs. react to facilitate healing. Please watch this podcast to understand more: Twin Flames: A Discussion On Reacting vs. Responding to Triggers and Healing

The Solar winds are at a speed of 512 km/sec. As expected of the Solar winds, it’s first contact with the atmosphere produced a combination of pink and green auroras.

Green auroras are produced when the solar energetic particles strike the oxygen atoms 100 km to 300 km above the Earth’s surface, whereas the pink auroras appears when the energetic particles hits the nitrogen atoms at a point closer to the Earth’s surface which is 100 km level or below. The colour of the auroras talks about connecting to the higher love/ cosmic heart (pink energy). Only through being love (green energy), being grateful, humble and being in the moment can we reach a beautiful place and connect and experience the universal love.

Aspects of Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipse opposite Mercury: The eclipse is occurring at the superior conjunction between Sun and Mercury and mercury being the planet of communication emphasizing the power of words and rational mind. This energy causes an emotional bias due to the polarity of emotions that arises within us at this time.

Lunar eclipse opposition Saturn: Saturn is known as the planet of karma. Saturn will create a push and pull between emotions and obligations (mind vs heart). Whatever we need to learn will be delivered through this area in our lives. This is necessary for our Soul’s evolution, maturation and its growth. Sometimes Saturn is called the planet of FEAR which we develop due to our past experiences. It is time to clear up the past patterns that have been holding us back from our souls calling.

Lunar eclipse opposite Pluto: Pluto is known as the planet of shadow and transformation. Pluto reveals the work done on our soul- highlights the struggle between our security vs. evolution of our soul, transmuting the negative facets of life and karma leading to the REBIRTH of life. This planet causes inner turmoil and could cause problems with relationships.

Lunar eclipse opposite Ceres: This opposition could cause the increased bias between what the mind want vs. what the soul wants. This influence may put forward a situation that requires us to choose a favourable change i.e. the calling of our soul even though the decision can be tough to take. This is where surrendering our pain to the Divine comes to play.

Lunar eclipse trine Neptune: Neptune is called the planet of spiritual service. It reveals where we are taking that first step to invite the greater good in our lives by purifying the negative consciousness. The compassionate nature of Neptune gives us hope to journey the influence of the heavy energies of lunar eclipse. Surrendering to the guidance that your heart and soul is receiving is crucial because this calling is from SOURCE.

Uranus is stationed direct after the retrograde motion since August 11th, 2019. Uranus is the planet of awakening and authenticity. This planet reveals where we are making those changes in bringing consciousness to our lives.

Another interesting aspect of Lunar eclipse has its influencein the twins”… hmmmm. Interesting isn’t??? Wondering what it means?

Lunar eclipse and Full Moon in Cancer is being influenced by a star in Gemini constellation called Castor. Gemini is the sign of twins. Lunar eclipse conjunct Castor can result in feelings of heightened sensitivity, lack of confidence, imprisonment, wounds coming up for our attention.

It is definitely testing times with intense effects of all these celestial phenomena causing emotional roller coaster with the triggers coming up but, one clear and highlighting fact that these planets are screaming at us through the various situations that we are in, is to choose higher consciousness/ to choose our souls calling/ choose our hearts. This is the way forward in healing.

In times like this, we need to know how to deal with the polarities that arise during the times of triggers and not give power to them. During the times of purge, the only way to facilitate the heavy clearing without any resistance and break the doubts that crop up at that time “is to be in the place of LOVE and dissipate the pain”. The energy of the cosmos is demanding us twins to release and surrender to the WHITE LIGHT. This super charged Full Moon is highlighting the conflict of emotions in us for the greatest good of our soul. “SURRENDER” IS THE SUBJECT OF THIS LUNAR ECLIPSE SEASON.

If this is happening to anyone of you, it’s time to face your fears, let go and surrender. Only through healing, we can move forward. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are all in this together. The energies are here, yet again, to facilitate that. Facing fears is tough and the pain is real, but, facing them is necessary and crucial, especially since the energies are helping us all do so. FEARS block the Root Chakra which increases the feeling of insecurity, unworthiness and many other such low vibrational feelings. Connect with this chakra and ask for help from Mother Gaia to be in sync with her heartbeat during these times.

To work on Root Chakra, click on this link, if you resonate:

If you all have the read the blog on Solar eclipse we posted on our website (, it says that the Moon was visible this time during the Solar eclipse/New Moon though during the New Moons the Moon is generally not visible from Earth. Likewise, the Moon’s brightness during this lunar eclipse is only slightly lessened than usual. These behaviours of the Moon in both the types of eclipse is very atypical. The Moon is a representation of the DF’s, the above unusual scenario of the Moon during the solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse talks about how the DF’s have come a long way. The DF’s are confident and are now centered in the knowing that we are TWIN FLAMES and here for fulfilling our purpose. We have been healing the pain, facing our fears, faced the issues like identity crisis by surrendering to the DIVINE for a long time now. Since we have taken those steps to listen to our souls calling, we are being awarded by the Divine. This is very symbolic of the Moon shining its light even in atypical situations.

Besides this, we also want to share another important channeling we received for the collective. This channeling is based on the recent blog we had on our website which talks about the 17 hour blackout we recently faced on the 2nd January 2020 until the 3rd January 2020 and its correlation with the DM’s collective energy (

As we all know, 17 is a prime number. The next prime number after 17 is 19 and these two numbers are called “TWIN PRIMES” since they have a prime gap of two. Yes!!! You heard it right “twin primes it is”. So the important message that we want to share from this is that the years 2017- 2019 have been a crucial period for the DF’s to heal. The twins were supposed to do the soul work at this time. For those DF’s who have done the healing, 2020 is a leap year for the twins, especially for the freedom of their DM’s. Other twins who are yet to reach this place, this leap year of 2020 will push the twin souls (both DF’s and DM’s) to heal as is very evident from the events since the beginning of the year.

Cancer-Capricorn axis eclipse cycles (July 2018- July 2020): The signs involved very typically symbolizes the polarities which could be deduced to old/new, feminine energy/ masculine energy, etc. This eclipse cycle is very powerful due to the position of Saturn and Pluto against Capricorn and hence will expose our lives to the extreme polarities that needs urgent healing. It’s powerful to work with eclipse cycles like we have just been offered and not just the individual eclipses. Cancer- Capricorn eclipse cycle, to us, talks a lot about the energies to facilitate the twin flame bond. This best time for a fast track effective healing for both the DF’s and DM’s. Knowing more about the twin flame bond can make the ride through these intense energies easier as it can help eliminate the dilemma that can arise during these portals.

Please check out channeled messages on “who twin flames are” on this blog on our website:

Also, if you observe the astrological chart, the Cancer and Capricorn axis lie exactly opposite to each other, the other end of the same line split apart at 180°. This reminds me of something Zita always tells about the DF’s and the DM’s. Consider the sign Cancer to represent the DF and the sign Capricorn to represent the DM (concurring with the energies that these signs carry). As and when the DF’s lead by healing, i.e., move from one point to another point on the circle (circle of life), the movement of the DM’s to the next point on the circle is inevitable. Think of the points of the circle as “each of our karma”. We have to achieve full circle with it. By journeying the points on the circle, we are dissolving the karma that we are put in. This is exactly what the Cancer-Capricorn axis eclipse cycles (July 2018- July 2020) is helping us all do. This can happen with the knowledge of “who twin flames are” and by “discipline to be in alignment."

The New moon season that we have stepped into is in the sign of Aquarius (24/5th January 2020). The planetary transits that are occurring right now is very much similar to what happened in 2017 (27/8th January 2017)- New Moon in Aquarius (at 8 degrees). An interesting aspect of the New Moon in 2017 was the fact of an extremely rare celestial occurrence of the asteroids “ISIS and OSIRIS conjunction”. This conjunction on New Moon in 2017 set open the portals for a vital and essential soul evolution for the twin flames. As we all know according to the Egyptian mythology, Isis and Osiris represent twin flame energies. According to information on asteroids, the belts of Isis and Osiris come together every 2 years. This is a baffling information since we already know that year 2020 is focused on the twin flame bond. This is also very much in sync with the downloads we received on the twin prime years of 2017- 2019. This only means the merging the feminine and the masculine polarities to bring down the most powerful forces of LOVE and return to ONENESS which goes very well in concordance with all the podcasts and the blogs we have been putting up on our YouTube channel and website, respectively.

It is more than crucial now that we use these energies to shift the consciousness towards working on healing ourselves. The conjunction of Isis and Osiris is pretty amazing as the union of Isis and Osiris in the mythology creates the energy called the “third energy”- the energy of creation- creation of HORUS. So we can symbolically say that Horus represents the fusion of higher love (DF- ISIS) and sexual energy (DM-OSIRIS).

Also going by the Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Aquarius is Ptah.

Ptah is an archetypal of the power of the Divine manifestation here on Earth. The ancient Egyptians believed that the mind resided in the heart. Ptah is a loving, compassionate creator who gives form to his creations by the thoughts he thinks and the words he speaks. The world was formed from his loving thoughts and words.

Aquarius is an air sign concerned with the growth, development, and expression. With the intense energies that came through with the onset of 2020, Aquarius energy is showing us the path to move forward in a new direction.

The last New Moon was in Capricorn (Earth element) aided the grounding of the higher into the physical.

This New moon in Aquarius (Air element) is opening the possibility to balance the polarity like: masculine and feminine and bridging the Divine world and human world. The New Moon in Capricorn helped to ground the higher energies and with the New moon in Aquarius, the aspects of that were grounded are seeing its manifestation in the physical. Everything is feeling and getting REAL.

We have stepped into the Full Moon season from the Full Moon in Cancer (Sun in Capricorn) to the Full Moon in Leo (Sun in Aquarius). This New Moon in Leo will be one of the biggest full moons this year, since the moon is near the closest point to Earth in its orbit. Moon’s orbit around the Earth is in the shape of an ellipse. The side of the Moon’s orbit that is closer to the Earth is called perigee and the side of the orbit farthest from Earth is called Apogee.

Interesting aspect of this Full Moon’s distance relative to the closest perigee and farthest apogee:

The farthest distance between Moon and the Earth in 2020= 252,707 miles

The closest distance between Moon and the Earth in 2020= 221,772 miles

Difference between the two distances= 30,935 miles…….(1)

The farthest distance between Moon and the Earth in 2020= 252,707 miles

The exact positioning of the Moon and the Sun during this Full Moon= 225,234 miles

The difference between the two distances= 27,473 miles……(2)

Taking the ratio of the distances (2:1)= 27,473/30,935= 0.888= 88.8% distance of Full Moon relative to the closest perigee and farthest apogee.

The number 888 (88.8%) is a very auspicious sign of complete financial support from the Divine. Also, the Aquarius energy is pushing us all, especially the DF’s, to take that step forward in new directions to fulfill our soul’s calling. Now is the time to take that step forward to reap the rewards, DF’s. The energies are here for complete financial assistance from the Source. Being WHOLE is the exercise we need to emphasize on at this point.

Please listen to our podcast:

The energies of all the numbers mentioned above are screaming at us of the divine intervention that is taking place to push the DM’s forward on their journey. The DM’s are travelling the distance, going far on the path and finally coming closer to the DF’s (just like the Cancer- Capricorn axis representation).

Moon in Leo (Ruling Planet: The Sun and Element: Fire) and Sun in Aquarius (Ruling Planet: Saturn (carries masculine energy) and Element: Air). Leo’s core expression is to express individuality and identity while; the core expression of Aquarius is making pathway for the future effortlessly and transmuting the old to new. The Leo- Aquarius polarity deals with the balance between all that is personal (Leo) and all impersonal i.e professional (Aquarius). This Full Moon highlights the conflict in us.

The Sun talks about “how you express who you are and how you shine” (carries a masculine energy) whereas, The Moon is the planet of emotions. Moon generally carries feminine energy, but it is in Leo which carries a high masculine energy. Sun in Aquarius also carries a masculine energy.

The opening of the this portal is to deal with a lot of our masculine side. It is in Full Moon that we start taking steps towards the intentions we set during the New Moon. In order to be in alignment with the intentions placed in New Moon in Aquarius, the Sun in Aquarius (masculine energy) gives the strength (the strength of a lion) to take initiative and open pathways to accomplish one’s desires. The energy of the Full Moon in Leo is also enhanced by the by the association of the Full Moon with Mars (Full Moon trine Mars), lending us the energy, motivation and courage to pursue what’s in our hearts. Venus heads towards an alignment with Chiron in Aries, which is helping us all open up to learning and growing through our experiences and interactions.

The solar winds during the Full Moon season is moving with high speeds of around 600 km/sec, highest in a very long time till now. There is also a big solar prominence (a prominence is a large, bright, gaseous ionizing particles, often in a loop shape, extending from the surface of the Sun) that is dancing along the Sun’s surface which could possibly affect the magnetic fields of the Earth. The movement of solar winds is said to have caused green and purple aurora lights suggesting that the incoming solar winds are helping us connect to the higher chakras.

The Schumann Resonance (Power of 58) has been very high for the past one week with the incoming Full Moon energies. With the high speed of solar winds, shooting Schumann Resonance and the Full Moon, a lot of us may feel issues coming up for clearing and healing. We want to say that it’s very important to make use of these energies for effective healing.

With all the previous energies that came in to heal and balance the polarities within us to become WHOLE, we are being rewarded by the celestial events to step into the next phase of our mission by taking action to achieve our desires.

There are many other astrological alignments supporting and expanding these energies so that we align to our life force energy/ awakening of our inner goddess energies. When we are connected to the goddess energy within, the mind chatter, the way the mind hinders ones progress on the spiritual journey also breaks. This can happen when we know how to purge and constantly remind ourselves to be in alignment. THE ENERGIES ARE VERY MUCH HERE for the ascension process and twin flame unions in the physical.

The celestial phenomena and alignments are basically pushing us to take charge of our lives with LOVE and with no involvement of blame games. We should by now know that everything responds to our energy. Slowly, as the progress on the journey happens, the separation pain from not only the twins, but, from anything in the physical fades away, freeing us to let go, surrender and trust whatever is coming in.

Resistance dissolves and we understand the importance of living in the NOW moment. When we are whole from within, the neediness which we once had for various aspects of our lives, including our counterparts dissolves and the phase of peace and content stabilizes. Physical and human connections become a normality.

In the end, we just want to say that making use of the powerful portals to heal, become WHOLE is crucial to bring forth the physical unions.

Sending Love and Light

Zita, Charu, Daira

Best Friends in service

Heartstrings Connection

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