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Twin Flame Current Energy Update

Hello Beautiful Souls

Today India celebrates a festival called ‘Vaikunta Ekadasi’ which when split is made of the words Eka meaning 1 and Dasha meaning 10. On this day prayers are offered to LORD VISHNU. The word ‘Ekadasi’ means “the eleventh”. It basically refers to the eleventh day of a fortnight in a lunar month. Ekadasi occurs twice in a month- the first one being in the bright fortnight (the period moon brightening after the New Moon known as the waxing phase) and the second one being in the dark fortnight (the period of moon fading known as the waning phase before the going back to the New Moon). Though Ekadasi occurs every eleven days of the moon cycle, today is auspicious due to the victory of Lord Vishnu over the demon named Muran.


The battle between Lord Vishnu and the demon Muran was waged for many years. This is when lord Vishnu realised that he needed a new weapon to slay the demon. In order to create a new weapon and to take rest, Lord Vishnu retired to a cave. When Muran tried to slay Vishnu while he was asleep, the female power that emerged from Lord Vishnu burnt Muran to ashes with her glance. Vishnu, who was pleased, named the goddess 'Ekadasi' and asked her to claim a boon. Instead of claiming the boon, Ekadasi, declared that people fast on the day and worshipped Ekadasi, would attain Vaikunta (HOLY ABODE).

Basically, the demon stands for qualities in people like lust, revenge, resistance, fear, ego arrogance etc. When one conquers these tendencies, one attains the purity of mind, body and soul and becomes indispensable for attaining of Vaikunta/ one with the Divine. The reason why fasting is done on this particular day is the understanding that if we disconnect the senses and mind from needs such as hunger, where a lot of energy is spent in digestion of food; our energy gets more concentrated and connected to the Divine.

The meaning behind conquering the tendencies of our senses is to maintain EQUANIMITY at all times irrespective of the way the surroundings affect us. It talks about the transformation of the ten senses (dasha) and mind (eka) from wordly objects and influences to the Divine which is TRUE EKADASI (Surrender to the Divine).

The Moon at the moment is in the first quarter phase with an illumination of 75% of the moon being visible which means we are in the brightening fortnight. We are moving into the phase of Full Moon and since the moon is 75% visible, we are being offered illumination of darker spaces inside of us. It is also time to see if we are on track with the intentions we set during the New Moon

The Moon will transit through Taurus to Gemini at 9:11 P.M EST (look at the time). A right time to purge low vibes out of the system and be in alignment not only for the people with sun signs in Taurus and Gemini but for everyone since we are all sensitive to these transitions. This is backed up by the SR today which is bringing up subconscious emotions to surface to be healed. Now, the SR has calmed down but, the solar winds are moving with high speeds activating us and pushing us into the higher.

Also we want to talk about the recent 17 hour black out of Schumann Resonance from the 22nd hour of 2nd January 2020 (7th day from the New Moon in Capricorn) and also (see the sync- 222) until the 14th hour of the 3rd January 2020.

We firmly believe that this black out that’s happened is representative of the void that could have been created within the DF’s since the DM’s are feeling the void in them. This void is created to purge the unwanted out of the system. This vacuum/void is to anchor the higher energies and ground it i.e to find answers by going inwards. The DF’s being in alignment will help the DM to align to their truth since 2020 is speeding up the twin flame unions. Please watch our podcast on:

The number 7 and combinations of number 7 (17 hours and the 7th day from New Moon) talks about the energy of the DM’s. The blackout was for the DM’s to choose their heart and align to their true purpose. Listening to the podcast will give clarity on the 2020 energies.

Moreover, 2nd January 2020 being the 7th day after the New Moon in Capricorn talks about a powerful day of manifestation of all those intentions we wished for on the New Moon. These apects will take it’s physical manifestation. (

The energy all the aspects mentioned above talks about how the DF’s are to stay grounded and not get carried away by our emotions during our triggers. It is high time we all surrender the red flame that we have been carrying in our womb for long time to the white light. SURRENDER AND RISE DIVINE BEINGS. The DF’s working on the Heart Chakra with the onset of 2020 energies will not only help find the LIGHT/DIVINE/ THE GODDESS ENERGY inside of us but, will also help the DM’s connect to their hearts and find his purpose. As the DF’s heal so will the DM’s.

With lots of love and many blessings

Zita, Charu, Daira

Best friends in Service

Heartstrings Connection

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