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New Moon in Scorpio and its Contribution To The Physical Merges of The Twins

Hello Beautiful Souls

This is a blog on our recent podcast. Please click on the link to know more if you already haven’t yet:

Many more channelings are shared and discussed on this blog.

I want to give a briefing on The New Moon which is happening in the sign of Scorpio and the themes of Scorpio are Shadow, Power and transformation. This is a very intense period with the energies asking us to be in alignment. Anything which is not love will be shaken so that we awaken to know the true purpose and light. It is important that we bow down to the divine and be love. This energy is reminding me of the energies that the 9/9 and 10/10 gateway opened up for us all which talks about the lifting of the karmic bonds and ending of the a cycle. The scorpio energy is a representative of destruction of the old and beginning of the new. I also want to mention that the emotions and all the triggers especially communication with various relationships coming up at this time may be magnified due the mercury which is in retrograde until the 20th November 2019. Perfect timing with the mercury in retrograde at the moment for instant healing and clearing with regards to relationships. We are being offered the best opportunity to do effective healing and making a conscious effort to be in alignment. It is time now to keep surrendering and healing to move forward.

With this understanding of the energies brought in on the New moon (27th October 2019), 3rd October 2019 marked the 7th day from the time of the New Moon. The significance of this particular day is that it brings in the energy of 777 which has a “strong energy of manifestation”. All those who had participated with us for the new moon ritual on the abundance ritual page and for those who has consciously performed a ritual, this 7th day from the new moon day is a powerful day for physical manifestation. All those aspects on which we performed the ritual for, will take its physical manifestation. For everyone who has been on the journey for long time things are manifesting in the physical and the pain has been lifted. We are in the phase of manifestation now and using these energies is essential to move forward on our journeys. The energy of peacock is also coming through which carries the energy of 777 (energy of manisfestation). It is time to open our wings and be open for the energy of manifestation in our lives. We might also experience a lot of childhood traumas, fears coming to surface. Minute low vibrations are coming place for healing. Being in the place of love will help shift these dense energies.

It is time now for DF’s to use the spiritual eye and start manifesting our desires in the physical. The blessings are here for us to manifest. Being open, letting go of resistance, surrendering and bowing down to the divine will accelerate the opening of the pathway of our desires in the physical.

The energy of lavender is here at this time now. This energy talks a lot about the DF in her most purest form. DF’s in the purest forms are clothed in lavender. This is coming as a blessing/ graduation and a celebration for us DFs. Since the DF’s have been on this journey for a long time, chosen love throughout our journey and tapping into our true essence, we have been graduated and clothed in lavender. Clothing of the DF in lavender colour is to come back into physical union with the twins. It is a ritual before the actual wedding. Things are sorting for the DF in the physical world. We are being given everything (physical needs) we need to live here. The void we were in is opening which is helping us attract the life we always wanted to live. I know it is a repetition but, it is time to be love and be in alignment more than ever now.

Lot of DF’s may be feeling the resistances break and seeing distinct syncs as a proof of breaking of resistances in life. We have been on the journey for a long time with resistance even without knowing and now the energy of lavender is liberating the DF’s from the resistances and leading us to shift our energies to manifest our abundances in the physical.

The energy of the 7th day from New Moon and lavender energy also talks about the merges happening in the physical. All the merges that were happening till now were on an energetic level. There are many aspects where we twins had/felt slight differences (confusions, voids, arguments, different interests). These differences is because we weren’t merged. Now these aspects are merging like the interests, topics on discussion and even sexual energy merges. This merge is facilitating the twin to come together in the physical.

This is typically backed up by the aurora lights which is has been essentially purple.

The speed of the solar winds on the 31st October 2019 was very high from the southern hole of the Sun’s atmosphere. There was a very high geomagnetic unrest which created auroras which were purple in color.

Theory behind the colour: When charged particles from the sun strike atoms in Earth’s atmosphere (mostly made of nitrogen and oxygen) , they cause electrons in the atoms to become excited (higher energy state). When the electron gets back to its normal energy state, they release light. This is what creates aururas. Most common aururas observed are green in colour. This happens when the partiles in solar winds collides with oxygen whereas deep blue and purple colours are caused when the solar particles hit the nitrogen atoms at very high altitudes. The current solar wind streams are exciting the high altitude nitrogen.

Since we all are sensitive to the celestial occurances and also these occurances act as a template of its effects on us, solar winds activating the high altitude nitrogen atoms to produce purple auroras is hinting me that the universe is uplifting each one us and collectively to higher dimensions by opening up the higher chakras especially the third eye and the crown chakras. This is a significant period to receive CLARITY on our journeys. But, to manifest these ideas into the physical it is important to ground ourselves.

We are all connected and it talks about “Unity consciousness”. The experiences that we are having is exactly what is happening around us. These occurances are not coincidences but are signs constantly telling us that we are all connected and the reminding us to stay in alignment. Even if we waver away from alignment, we can get back into alignment by forgiving ourselves. These are syncs and activations that gives us hope that we can all come in alignment.

When we watch readers say certain things, there are certain aspects which hits our souls very deep and this is when we know it is true in our personal journeys. But, we all begin to spiral down when we don’t see those aspects typically in our twin flame journeys and this aspects causes us all to develop resistance. This resistance slows down our process of moving forward on our journeys.

So it is important that we tap into the energy of love and start looking at things from spirirtual eye because at the end of the day ENERGY IS EVERYTHING and the energies are here for physical manifestation.

We also want to say that when things happen all of a sudden which jolts our energy even when we are in alignment, we shouldn’t start questioning it and resist the process. We should allow it to be what it is. On this journey, it is important to know that everything is love around us and we are all very protected. WE ARE ALL LOVE IN ALL OUR BEING.

In this podcast, Daira also beautifully talks about how she is seeing syncs due to her resistance being broken and how more opportunities are flooding in for her. She further goes to explain how letting go and surrendering has helped attract the projects that fills her soul.

One important information we need to know is that “Twins never hold us down”. It is our misconception. They just remind us of where we stand in our healing. It is only by healing and being love we are able to attract abundance (in all levels) into our lives. Abundance is never taken away from us. Twin flame journey teaches us to tap into the vibration of abundance. It reminds us that abundance is not difficult and nothing is snatched away from us. Once we work on ourselves by tapping into love, the abundance is given unto us all.


The light language was an activation to tap into the most divine feminine form because that is us in every cell.

Wishing you all a beautiful transformative and gratifying New Moon in Scorpio

Lots of love, light and many blessings

Zita, Charu, Daira

Best friends in Service

Heartsrings Connection

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