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Twin Flame Energy Update: Harmonious Reunion

This is an update of the current energy of the Twin Flames by Zita.

You may find the original twin flame energy update video on our YouTube page:

Shift from Energetic Merges to Physical Merges-

Merge energies have been coming in to facilitate the Twin Flame Merge.

Before the shift to the physical merges, we have been experiencing energetic merges.

Energetic merges relates to clearing of our past life, traumas, our purpose, and everything related to the higher and the spiritual world, as well as the higher chakras.

Since the shift from energetic merges to physical merges has happened, every day is a new clearing and a new energy which is coming forward. For those who have been tuning in, this has begun around the time of the heavy womb chakra clearing and healing that has been happening for the Divine Feminines.

You can check our YouTube to learn more and have a full understanding about Twin Flame Merge:

Now, the energies are here related to the physical merges where the space has been opened up in the Divine Feminine's life and the Divine Masculine's life so that they can come back in harmonious union.

For all of the Divine Feminine who have been healing, by taking the conscious effort of understanding, knowing, learning, being open, and having conscious awareness, this is the time where the rewards are being reaped, because of that healing that has been done so far.

Hearing, learning, understanding what is going on, and having clarity itself is the first step of healing.

So we all, Divine Feminines, have come a long way. Not only learning about it but we have experienced energy in our spiritual awakening.

The physical merges, the reunion phase, is the most important phase which is occurring.

To Understand The Current energy, We First Have To Understand What Has Happened During The Separation Phase-

The separation phase was the phase the Divine Feminine started awakening.

It was the destruction phase. The rock bottom phase.

Where everything was taken away from us - the peace, the outer physical world.

We were isolated. We were made to go inward and go inside ourselves to understand awakening and the twin flame bond over time.

It was in the separation phase, where the Divine Feminines had their spiritual awakening.

During that time, everything shifted and began relating to the higher...

The higher consciousness,

understanding energy,

number synchronicities,

seeing certain things which our eyes were not able to see,

and then seeing the beauty which was around us before the awakening but were not able to see it.

We had all of these experiences as well as all the pain.

All of the Divine Feminine go through the pain, but the importance of the pain is to heal the aspect of it and come out of it... To make the conscious effort to heal, to come out of the darkness, and to come out of the stagnant energy.

Currently, the Divine Feminines who have done healing and are sensitive and receptive to energies, are going back in time before the awakening and have lived a 'normal' life. We are being taken back to that place of separation. During the time where it was the onset of the awakening, or when we met our twin.

Since we are going back there, in memory, to when the transition was happening from our normal life to the completely spiritual awakening phase, we may hear from old or long lost friends from the past. Memories such as this are coming back.

Preparing us to ground the energy and to heal the energy in order for the Divine Masculine to step in.

Everything that the Divine Feminine have done before the shift to the physical merge was a higher consciousness clearing, grounding our union in the higher, in the quantum field. (if anyone is interested to receive quantum healing, you can book a session with zita. Email us at

It was during this time, we were able to understand certain things which we weren't able to understand before, and have understood the bond better.

The Coming Together Of The Higher Love With The Physical World - The Merge Of The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine -

While the Divine Feminine are very connected to energy and are spiritually awakened,

the Divine Masculine only move half the way.

The Divine Masculines are the important factor of grounding this higher love into the physical world itself.

The higher love that the Divine Feminine carry and the understanding that the Divine Feminine have,

the Divine Masculines do not have.

For instance, there are plenty of moments we find our Divine Masculine not understanding what the higher connection is. They do not see it from the place where we see it. But that is all for a reason.

The Divine Masculine is suppose to be in the place where they are at in the physical world.

Currently, the Divine Feminine's higher heart energy, the healing which is being done, is required for grounding.

It is going to be a collective energy.

The sexual energy of the Divine Masculine (physical) and the higher heart energy of the Divine Feminine (spiritual) is being grounded.

This is the most important phase which is currently taking place right now.

Now that the Divine Feminine have done enough healing, the pain of separation has faded because of the amount of self love that we have given to ourselves and have grounded that energy.

That is what's creating some disturbances in the Divine Masculine's life and it is helping them to see things for what it is.

The Divine Masculine's only purpose for being the way that they are was to help us tap into our own feminine energy, our own goddess energy and move forward with that energy.

This current phase for the Divine Feminine is about healing whatever that is required. This brings the Divine Masculine back into the picture, the union energy. A number which has been for the twins to come back is within 1 or 2 months.

There is another set of group of Divine Feminines who have lost clarity where they think that they know but they do not know if it is right or wrong, or if they are on the right track or not.

This is the right time where it is important to receive clarity and know where you are headed.

If all the pain is coming up again, know you can come out of it.

Our energy itself has gained the wisdom to overcome purges,

to overcome the things that we have gone through.

We have grounded that energy.

That is helping us overcome these difficult times

because of the learning, the wisdom, that our energies have gained.

The sexual energy of the Divine Masculine and the Higher heart energy of the Divine Feminine,

the higher love with the physical world is coming together.

That is the energy which is being grounded now.

As and when this clearing is happening, the twins are getting closer and closer to union.

This is the energy which is pulling the Divine Masculines back.

Guidance Received From Archangel Michael

Gaining clarity at this time is very important.

Having clarity itself puts us away from stagnant energy and helps us get closer and closer to this energy.

This is the energy that pulls the Divine Masculines closer in the physical.

Release all of it.

Divine Feminine, if at all, you have not released your Divine Masculine, they are asking you to release.

Be grateful and release.

Today's Current Energy

Since everyday, we are going through new energies and new clearings, the root chakra clearing was also coming up for the Divine Feminine.

Fears was coming up lately, such as money, or anything that had happened on the onset of our awakening is coming back again for healing.

This is happening because we are calling back our Divine Masculine in the physical.

For the Divine Feminine, we have been on this journey for a long time and have overcome many fears. Things have worked out for us and we have found ourselves. As the fears are coming up, we need to be in a place to be ready in energy to clear. This is the final clearing.

Since the union energy is coming in, the womb chakra has been healing and clearing for a long period of time now.

All the pain which was there in the womb chakra has been brought up for clearing.

For example, suppression. If someone has suppressed or caged your soul for a long period of time, maybe when you were a child, or a suppression which has happened in your Divine Masculine's life.

The energy now is here to facilitate the healing and clearing of the Divine Feminine's suppression which was caused by a maternal energy. This can be any maternal energy in your life and the maternal energy of the Divine Masculine's life.

That is the clearing which is taking place right now.

It is important to have clarity, to get back in alignment, to be love, to send love, and to heal everything with love by letting go of the ego.

That is the energy update for the twin flame collective.

This is a beautiful time as the unions are nearing. It shows how far we have come and have reached.

The abundance flow is back and there is more eternal peace.

We are able to take care of the pain that we have gone through in the past because of the knowledge and wisdom we have gained in our energy.

We are all in this together,

we are all love.

Thank you for all of the love and the support,

sending you all love and light

Heartstrings Connection

Zita Charu Daira

Best Friends in Service

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