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Twin Flame Energy Update: New Moon in Scorpio Intensified The Clearing

This New Moon in Scorpio is very heavy and intense, especially for the womb chakra. There are many twins energetically merging.

This New Moon in Scorpio has intensified the clearing and has made it deep.

There is a lot of physical pain and ascension symptoms happening such as bloating, throat infection, knees getting weaker, bones may feel weak, as well as the root chakra is getting affected. All of this is also related to the life force energy.

The life force energy is a white ball of light located in our lower abdomen, formed as a pyramid kind of structure within our sacral, womb and solar plexus chakra.

This period and point in time speaks about our energies getting purer and purer.

Any impurity is not able to stand within you and it is being dissipated and coming out.

Taking good care of yourself is essential.

Take more naps, eat what you crave (comfort food), and be forgiving.

Because we have been doing clearing 3-5 days now, energy protection is important.

The New Moon in Scorpio has intensified the clearings, for this reason, when our energies are low, energy attacks can take place. Clear your energy using sage, take salt baths.

Since our energies are going through a lot of pain, and emotional pain, eat what comforts you. Going on a diet at this particular time will only cause more resistance. When it comes to mind body spirit alignment, your body is as important as your soul being aligned and having higher consciousness. Your physical symptoms shows that it is only real in this world. When you let your body run more than you run your body, it starts syncing and there is more health, more bliss, and more happiness. Pamper yourself, forgive yourself, and be centered in energy.

Please know that it takes a certain time for a transition to take place. Memories starts to awaken. All the energy which is going out of you is a low vibrational energy and only low vibration energy are associated with memories. So it is not the memories, it is the energies which is going out of you. So replace the energy with good beautiful energy no matter what the memory is. As you do this more often, being centered and getting connected, we move into a more beautiful place. We learn through the darkness, how to come out in light. No matter how slow it is, you just have to go through it.

The energy which is facilitating the womb chakra clearing and the merge energies right now is all about all of the relationships, past life, and this life, and karmic relationships, and the pain which was there, is being removed. From the people who have hurt us, who have stood against us, all of that energy is what we are clearing. It is purifying our energy so that twins can come and merge together.

This very same thing is happening for the Divine Masculines. Since the womb chakra energy is very high right now, every moment there is a clearing energy. The Divine Feminines are helping them because have the physical womb. They do have the womb chakra inn them but since we are twins, we have taken up the role of healing and clearing for them.

At this point, even in their life, there is a lot of pain that has been caused by the karmics, and the different females, or feminine roles in their life. All of that pain is being dissipated and stopped and replaced with our love so that they are able to overcome the lower vibration energy and heal that.

All of the rusted wounds, rusted relationships, we have to send love to. Because some relationships is not easy to send love for its difficulties, by sending a lot of love within yourself, you reach a place where inn all of the rusted relationships, those cords will heal. When you step out to heal humanity, it is going to take place with the people that you know the most.

Twins are energetically merging.

It is important to get connected within yourself and to light.

The Womb Chakra healing is a blessing and a portal.

When we are hit in this place, know that it is a big clearing which is happening.

The womb chakra is also connected to the root chakra so the fears comes out.

It shows you in different ways and format. The memories and situations may be different, but the low vibrational energies which have been accumulated in us comes out for clearing. Like the yin and the yang, the darkness goes and it has to be filled with positive energy.

So connect with energy. Be grateful. Sit with it. Connect with it and send love.

Because the womb chakra births your dreams, this is a very good energy to manifest as well.

This gives births to all of your dreams, all of the beautiful energies and creative aspect comes into being and into fruition. It births your material needs and everything from the vortex to the physical world.

No matter what you are going through, just know that it is love and you are love and only love comes to you. Whatever is happening is putting you to alignment and your inner being, higher self knows you. You are divinely protected.

The last couple of clearings which was done was helping us to remember who we are as divine feminine. Working with the amethyst energy facilitates the remembrance of the divine feminine energy.

Channeled Message from Father God

We Divine Feminine are the only person who can heal our twin

Only you can heal your twin

So you need to know how important you are

And you need to find that love

And know that wherever you put your energy,

That increases

So do not concentrate on his karmic energy or his karmic bonds

And just concentrate or give energy to the love that you hold for him inn your heart

That will get him back

All that you have to do is be love

The divine Masculines are returning

The king is returning home

Be love be love

Only love can conquer all

If your lower back is hurting a lot,

Goddess Kali Ma wants you to know

You can do rituals with her and connect with her

She will strengthen your lower back and protection

When your lower back hurts it also shows that you are awakening but there is energy attack

So to overcome that, do rituals with her, She will come through and help.

For energy clearing and strengthening connection to Kali Ma, we have posted a light language activation on YouTube:

We are sending you all love and light,

Heartstrings Connection

Zita, Charu, Daira

Best Friends In Service

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