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Abundance Blockage Symptoms: How To Know If You Have One and How To Come Out Of It

Hello beautiful souls,

This is Zita here:)

We all have been on the Twin Flame journey for some time. We are all weary and tired. We have all heard about the nearing of the Unions for a few years, to be honest. 

It’s time to get past it and align back to abundance.

Twinflame awakening is a destruction process wherein we have to die to the ego world and just be love. As and when the trigger/purge hits us, our soul is asking the same question all over again:

What do we choose? to be love or choose our ego?

As we keep choosing love, we move forward. That is the only way out, through love.

As we die to the ego-self and get connected to our true self, everything that we lost comes back to us. Let’s face it, we are the most spiritually connected beings on the planet. If only we knew how exactly to heal and see everything as energy, we can get connected to unlimited abundance.

Take me for an example, been on this journey for 4 years now, watched all the energy update videos and longing for my twin to return. Also helping many twins in the process, I have realized a few things: that every twinflame has gifts and are connected to source. I wondered why few are gifted and few aren’t. The answer is, that many live in the space of the pain. They keep searching for validations on where their twin is at and try to find it in the physical, which apparently does not work exactly as said in the energy update videos and this torments and opens the same wound, rather than finding a way to heal. They only focus on the energy updates and keep hurting the same wound over and over (remembrance of the separation). They get addicted to "needing the validation" and few are just in the “just letting it be phase," which is mere ignorance because it leads into the same stagnant energy.

Spirituality is discipline. If we do not keep healing, we go back and stay stagnant. Another important thing is to always remember who we are. We are Divine Feminine in every cell and only we can heal our twins and heal ourselves. No one or no retrograde will work unless we tap into the energy and do effective healing layer after layer. We all are blessed, we all are gifted. Abundance is for all.

On my twinflame journey, I have come a long way. I don’t know how many are going to read this blog and benefit, but if it helps one soul like me, I would be the happiest. My spiritual gift is light language, working with Mother Earth’s energy I can heal the womb chakra wounds, I channel and now can take others to the quantum field as well. All my spiritual gifts developed along the way. I bow down to the Divine for all the blessings, especially the peaceful nights of sleep. I still remember how I used to cry myself to bed every night. Pain is valid and no one can ever look down on it. But we are stronger than it, and must maintain the discipline of continuous effective healing. I am grateful and just want to give back everything that helped me.

Effective healing is centering energy, tapping into zero-point neutralization and emotional mastery during times of purge and triggers. When we purge, we hit our subconscious mind where our deep emotions are buried for years. Learning how to come out of a purge on regular basis, helps one to heal, connect to spiritual gifts, as well as heal our divine counterparts. 

To know more on effective healing and how to work on purges, here’s a link to our youtube videos:

Here are the symptoms of abundance blockage:

1. Numbers:

If you still get scared of numbers, especially with a $ sign in front of it, then you do have an abundance blockage. By believing in energy and letting go of the fear, you can manifest material needs as well as physical healing.

2. Other’s Abundance:

If seeing other’s abundance/happiness triggers you, then you might have a block. Abundance is for everyone and we are all connected to the source.

3. Validation:

When you look outside for validation for any kind, you might have a block. Often getting validation from others on your own life refrains you from your abundance

4. Attitude:

When things get difficult, saying 'if it’s meant to be it will happen.' Being shut down. Being in the ignorance phase. Nothing happens on its own, we have to constantly remember to be love and align. 

Nothing is ever too late, it is easy to get into alignment again. We do energy exercises and well as perform a Goddess Saraswati Abundance Ritual on every New Moon on our closed group for an energy exchange of $8.88 for a year. Anyone resonating please write to us.



Thank you,

Sending love and light.

Zita, Charu, and Daira

Best friends in service

Heartstrings Connection 

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