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"Am I healing?" "Am I on the right path?" "Is something wrong with me?”

This is a Twin Flame Discussion where Zita answers our most asked questions through channeled messages, providing clarity on how-to approach, heal, and move forward on our spiritual awakening journey.

These channeled messages, posted and shared on our platforms, help integrate and allow the clarity inside. All of Zita’s messages are channeled and are itself, light code activations. The more we tune to the messages, the more the integration takes place and awakens the memories of our DNA, the recognition and awakening of our true selves arises, easing and facilitating the healing which is required for the person in that time.

We also have an audio format of this discussion on our YouTube page, in case if it helps more to listen and integrate the channeled messages:


A lot of those on the awakening journey can relate to the times when such questions arise:

“Am I healing?” “Am I on the right path?”

“Is there something wrong with me?”

This often can occur when the energies are very high and a heavy purge and personal healing takes place.

Not many do not know what actually occurs during this time of purge or when we are triggered, where energies such as self-blame, pity, guilt arises.

Understanding Purge Energy as a Blessing Portal

When we are purging, we get into our subconscious mind.

This is where all of our traumas and pain, everything we did not know how to heal, everything which was suppressed, which was not aligned with the human world, the constraints have been suppressed, embedded and collected in our subconscious memory.

The subconscious memory rules our everyday life.

Our fears are based on it.

All of the unprocessed energy.

All of the negative vibrational energies which is within us.

We tap into this energy for healing when we are triggered or when we purge.

That is the most important blessing portal.

When we are in this blessing portal, healing in the subconscious field equals to any long hours of everyday meditation.

When you purge, you are in a very important place. Using your emotional mastery during that point is very powerful.

For example, when you hit a fear or when you are triggered, there are thoughts which arises. Right then and there, you’ve reached the subconscious mind. This means that it wants to heal.

In this portal of your inner core, the emotions starts coming up and all of the fears based on it. It is not only associated with the current moment’s fear but the energies associated from your childhood starts coming out of it.

When we start awakening, we become too sensitive to energies. All of the emotions which starts coming up for healing is felt in a very deep way.

In this case, we can also learn about emotional mastery and how to use our deep emotions and sensitivity to channel Source, to create and manifest from a beautiful place:

The Power of Sensitivity: Accelerating Manifestion Podcast & Blog

Link to Podcast:

Link to Blog:

Having clarity on how to self-heal and purge is essential because what we have done and become used to doing was that instead of actually healing, we’ve suppress it even more by giving more energies to the fears, giving more energies to the thoughts, giving more energies to the low vibrational energies. This in turn, creates a much bigger wound. It also starts cutting off the abundance, health, relationships, and all of it goes down.

When you are triggered, when you are purging, when you are hit, when you are in your subconscious, it is very important to learn how to come out of it and to heal that aspect of it through everyday practice.

I have done a video where I have explained about the different stages of purge and ow to come out of it. If anyone is interested to know about the purge and the subconscious energy, here is the link below:

Also, please look into our spiritual tools to help you heal during anytime:


Answering the Question:

“Is there something wrong with me?”

One thing you have to realize is that there is nothing wrong within ourselves.

There is nothing wrong.

You are love in all of your being and you need to know that.

Every cell of you is love and you are healing… That is all there is to it.

We learn, we heal, and we come out of it.

We shouldn’t blame ourselves or have guilt.

There is never something wrong within any one of us.

It is just the pain that we have gone through.

We are learning it and we are healing it.

You are love in every cell and when you are in alignment with this energy,

you come out of it.

All of us have different journeys. Of course it is a Twin Flame journey, but our purposes are different. It is taught to you and it is awakened in you in the way that you and your energy understands it, which is aligned to your purpose in life.


Answering the Question:

“She’s feeling the energies, she’s more sensitive. I’m not feeling anything so is there something wrong with me? Am I not connected to Source?”

There is no such thing like that because as Twin Flames, we are connected to our inner being than any other soul and it leads us according to the way we start healing.

For instance, if you are in a very good place and you want to be in a very good place, then only this leads us forward as well as knowing that you are love in every cell, in every aspect.

Those fears are just coming up and you have to heal them.

There is nothing ever wrong in any one of us.

We are just healing.

“As your sensitivity and your healing goes hand in hand, more and more,

as you heal, let go, and break resistance, getting connected to Source,

You become very sensitive to the energy around you.”

- Zita

When you start seeing from the eyes of love,

When you are love,

When you are just living a life full of love,

No one triggers you as well because you see them as love.

There is no flaw in anyone.

When you reach that place where you can’t find the flaw in anyone and you are love, that is the most blissful part of the Twin Flame journey. No one triggers you.

It is a process but you go through the process of pain, you go through the process of separation, you go through the process of isolation and you heal this on everyday basis.

It All Heals.

On the Twin Flame journey, healing is especially important because it affects your Divine Counterpart as well.

Healing is important.

Learning how to heal.

Every one of us have spiritual gifts.

Every one of is connected to Source.

Energy is everything.

Energy is for all.

All of us are connected to energy and abundance.

This knowledge about healing will only help you to move forward.

It is not just only about hearing and meditating when you are in a good place.

It all comes down to a place when you are hit and when you purge.

Having the emotional mastery during that time is very important.

As you practice this on an everyday basis, forgiving yourself everyday and starting afresh. We can only do so much in a day. So life for the day. Surrender the fears.

Knowing that you are beautiful and love in every cell will help us take us forward.

It is a beautiful place for everything that I have gone through in my own journey with the abundance that I have today, the life that I have today, the healed relationships in my life, my breath, for my best friends Charu and Daira, for the connection with my dog Wolfie. To have that connection from the spiritual eye, the bliss is on another level.

It all heals.

Sending love and light.

Thank you for all of the support.

With Love,


Heartstrings Connection

Zita, Charu, Daira

Best Friends in Service


Zita, Charu, and Daira have a shared purpose to work with the children. We are grateful that for the first time on our own spiritual journey, we have the opportunity to announce that we will be moving forward with working with the children as the next step in our mission.

To learn more about our project, Children's Heartstrings Connection, you can read the full story here:

If you feel connected to this project, you can join us by contributing...

Very soon, we will be sharing more on our projects with the children, and any upcoming planning which you can join, volunteer and contribute.

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