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How do we know that we are making the right choice?

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

This is a Twin Flame Discussion where Zita answers our most asked questions through channeled messages, providing clarity on how-to approach, heal, and move forward on our spiritual awakening journey.

These channeled messages, posted and shared on our platforms, help integrate and allow the clarity inside. All of Zita’s messages are channeled and are itself, light code activations. The more we tune to the messages, the more the integration takes place and awakens the memories of our DNA, the recognition and awakening of our true selves arises, easing and facilitating the healing which is required for the person in that time.

We also have an audio format of this discussion on our YouTube page, in case if it helps more to listen and integrate the channeled messages:


“In the process of the spiritual awakening, there’s always that question where there’s a choice that you have to make in the physical world but you do not know what is right for you, or what is meant for you, and whether you should or should not and you don’t have a specific distinction of whether you feel good about it or you don’t feel good about it, and you’re sort of… there’s just no decisions, there’s no direction there at all as to whether it’s good for you, if it’s meant for you, and I would really appreciate your help in understanding this.”


Wonderfully asked.

So that question you have asked— whether it is right or wrong to make that decision…

You are not making any decision.

You need to allow the Source to give you a solution.

Don’t let your mind go into the phase of whether you’re right or you’re wrong, if this is it or not, if this is a good decision or not a good decision, whether you need to go out or stay back, whether you need to take a nap or not take a nap— all of these decisions that people want to know.

But the truth of the matter is that you’re working your mind a lot in that time period, in that moment. That is not what you are supposed to do.

You are supposed to let the message come from Source.

How do you do that?

By getting into a happy place.

When I talk about how to come out of a purge, you come into a happy place.

It is the same way, the message is not forced out.

You get into a place of happiness, the message comes through itself.

For example, during my sleep/awake state, when the energies are high, I just wake up and it will be exactly 4:44, 3:33, or 2:22. That is involuntary actions.

You’re not consciously wanting to open your eyes at 4:44.

You just feel it, there’s no explanation to it, it just happens.

It is the same way.

Today, I was in meditation and when I opened my eye, I saw a little mouse. Exactly at that moment, he was right in front of me.

That is how it happens…

When you see synchronicities, when you see beautiful orbs of light, the birds, everything starts speaking. All of that is involuntary, it is not voluntary.

It is involuntary, you see the magic in it.

It just happens to you. It just flows to you.

It is the same way, you need to allow.

You need to allow the decision to come to you.

It happens in the same way.

IF all of the sudden, you are on this debate that is on your mind— whether it is good for me to take a nap or not…

Get off from that place and do something which is taking your mind off of that topic, off of the “is it right, is it not right” topic.

Just get up from that place,

find good things, be thankful, go get a glass of water to drink, or anything of that sort.

That will help you shift your focus.

When you are being happy, the energy flows and you receive the message.


“That is very helpful. I just want to add one more question to that…

In the human world, for instance, an example, is when someone wants a decision from you and you do not know it at that moment…”


What do you do then?

Well you choose yourself first.

You always choose yourself and you forgive yourself if you do not know the answer to that at the time.

On the spiritual journey, it is all about going inwards and taking care of yourself, giving yourself the self-love.

When I tap into energy, the energy of the question from where you asked is coming from a place of judging yourself.

The question is coming from a place of the way that we’ve brought up, our upbringing, the human condition, the human constraints, how we are trained as a human…

This is part of the healing of our human conditioning…

Judging ourselves that if we aren’t doing certain things, then it is not good.
This also speaks about the human constraints of needing to have an answer at that moment.
Also, about taking accountability and actions for someone else’s happiness.

But the spiritual journey, is all about choosing yourself first and giving yourself the love.

And it is okay. It’s absolutely okay to forgive yourself at the time if you don’t know.

Rather than being in a gun point of ‘yes or no, tell me,’

Try tapping into what it is that you really want to do instead.

Also, there are so many instances where I see a lot of girls go to various things.

For example, in relationships, I see them go through so much and if it is not working, they still stick onto the same relationship just because they did something yesterday and they feel guilty about it.

Forgive yourself.

Yesterday, you felt good about it and today you do not feel good about it,

then this is absolutely okay.

Follow your heart

Follow where you are

And keep moving forward

Forgive yourself in any moment in time

As you start connecting with yourself, more and more,

Always choosing yourself and choosing happiness,

Letting this answer from Source to arrive by being happy,

It is a practices which takes you to places of allowing to receive a message from Source.

The more you practice it,

Then the quicker and easier it becomes.

With Love,


Heartstrings Connection

Zita, Charu, Daira

Best Friends in Service


Zita, Charu, and Daira have a shared purpose to work with the children. We are grateful that for the first time on our own spiritual journey, we have the opportunity to announce that we will be moving forward with working with the children as the next step in our mission.

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