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The Power of Sensitivity: Accelerating Manifestation

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Hello this is Zita from Heartstrings Connection,

Having worked with twins over the years, as well as with my own experience, I have seen the sensitivity factor that we go through: the pain, the emotions, and the deep feelings.

This topic of discussion will be about how we can use this sensitivity and these deep emotions as a powerful tool to our ascension journey.

The Divine Feminine are very sensitive compared to anyone else. This is especially true when we start to look around, from our environment, to our surroundings, to our family members, that we are indeed the most sensitive beings.

For those on the awakening journey, and in particular, the Twin Flames, the time of holidays is a prime instance which shows how sensitive of a being that we are. For us, it brings about our deep emotions and sensitivity because it accentuates and highlights the triggers that revolve around feeling isolated, feeling different, feeling sensitive to everyone around, and as well as in terms of abundance.

Divine Feminine… Did you know that there are very thin vibrations which exists and makes a difference in our everyday but it often goes unnoticed?

When we understand better of these thin vibrations that we often tend to feel but don’t necessarily have clarity on, it lifts our energy automatically.

For this reason, this discussion is to help smoothen this journey and to provide clarity on this one aspect— The Power of Sensitivity, and how gifted we all are, how to fast-track it, how to use it to make our lives beautiful in our own way.

Through this blog, we can come to learn about…

  • human emotions and how everyone is love.

  • reaching Emotional Mastery.

  • the Power of Sensitivity between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

  • how to channel these deep emotions and sensitivity (pain, fear, etc.) into Source to accelerate manifestation and bring about Unconscious magic.

  • how magnificent this energy is, especially when we hit our deep emotions and sensitivity and how it unfolds into Unconscious magic.

Understanding Human Emotions and How Everyone is Love

Human emotions are so beautiful.

Everyone has their own connection.

For few, it is music,

For few, it is with a partner,

For few, it’s with the kids having their own playtime,

For few, it’s just the ocean,

For few, it’s connecting with a tree or a puppy,

For few, it’s just designer bags,

We can see, what they value a lot. It is different for different individual.

But humans have been programmed to see with respect to their own energy rather than what the other person is going through.

Everyone are love whether they understand it or not.

For example, this is the same for that one child who is difficult. It doesn’t mean that he is not raised well, or that he didn’t receive enough love.

It just means that he needs love in the way that he can understand it.

Another example, whether a person is always been triggered or a person is triggering others, or a person is simply angry all of the time…

No matter what that is, every individual is made up of love.

Every one of us are made up of love

Every human are built in the energy of love.

That is what it is.

They just need love in a different way.

They know love in a different way.

They understand love in a different way.

It is important to see and understand that everyone has different interest, different things which they value a lot and is close to them.

When we stop judging the people around us, all that we can truly see is that everyone are basically love.

Everything narrows down to a point of Emotional Mastery

Everyone is trying to be their best,

it’s just that they do not know how to be in the present moment,

which talks about their healing.

If at all, humans knew how to control their rage, their anger, or know how to go through emotional pain, then everyone would be the same… Meaning that we would have abundance in every way in matters of health, wealth, and relationships.

When you see a person very happy in various areas of their lives, it only shows how stable the person is, how well healed, balanced, and how well they are connected to Source.

It all comes down to a place of healing.

It always comes down to a place of emotional mastery.

It all comes down to sensitivity.

The Power of Sensitivity between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine

Over the years of healing and reaching a place of love, of complete love, being love and being able to remove abundance blocks is only through love.

When I have reached that, I have come to realize that the Twin Flame Union is not the destination for the Divine Feminine. I won’t disregard the fact that there is a lot of separation pain, and a lot of things that we go through which is unbearable and makes us super sensitive to a lot of things. What I am trying to really say is that…

If, we Divine Feminine, can be complete within our hearts,

If we can be whole, if we can be in a place of bliss,

Getting through nights of sleep without crying,

and be in a place of peace where you can smile and not be in a constant place of worry and fear,

It would start breaking those abundance blocks.

That is the beautiful place for the Divine Feminine. It is the place we have to keep reaching, instead of union.

“Twin Flames are souls twined together.

The twins are already in union and separation is just an illusion.

Your Divine Masculine is one with you.

When you start seeing this by sending him the energy of love

Rather than giving energy to his Karmic situations

Healing comes through not only to the twin flame bond

But also heals the separation pain

And brings the Divine Feminine to wholeness”

- Zita


“Somewhere, I’ve read or heard about something… Am I giving my power to my Divine Masculine??… I don’t want to give my power to my Divine Masculine.”

We never give power to our twins. They are us and if you are giving your power to him, then it’s just in a good way.

Everything else shifts for us when we stop to see the Divine Masculines as a target, or as a trigger. They are not the person who is supposed to be hated or seen against.

Your Divine Masculine is you and he is helping you to heal.

When it is hurting you and triggering you, it just says what you need to heal.

“The road to wholeness is just one way ahead,

Which is through love,

Which facilitates the healing.

That’s all there is to it.”

— Zita

The more we heal, the more we come out if it,

The more clarity we gain,

The more things starts to shift around us very deeply.


How to Use Sensitivity as a Tool

Sensitivity is a very powerful tool which accelerates manifestation, if one knows how to channel their deep emotions into Source.

How do I begin to learn?

Knowing how to self-heal by releasing it and purging out of the energy and coming out of it is the very first step.

During that time, you can let go and connect,

release everything to the white light.

There are 4 series video on our Youtube where I have discussed about The Stages of Purge on the Twin Flame journey, the meditations, what is self-healing, what is effective healing. Please go through it if it resonates with you:

To know more on how to purge and heal, please watch our videos on You Tube:

Also, please look into our spiritual tools to help you heal during anytime:

The Bow and Arrow Analogy

Sensitivity and deep emotions

accelerates your manifestations.

When you use it to focus and aim

all of your energy towards the right direction,

and keep moving forward…

You begin to move away from the stagnant energy,

and the things around you starts to change beautifully.

The Bow and The Arrow Analogy is what sensitivity does. That is what deep emotions does. It accelerates your manifestations to an extent that everything starts shifting and turning out beautifully. Another term which we love to say is, Unconscious Magic.

When you are triggered, you go into your subconscious mind. This is the portal in which we heal. During a time of a purge portal, or a trigger portal, when you consciously give effort to healing, this funds your Unconscious Magic.

Examples of Unconscious Magic:

  • Signs and Synchronicities

  • Being at the right place at the right time

  • Everything flows beautifully, bus arrives on time

  • You meet a person at the right place at the right time

  • You see the day is unfolding, witnessing how beautiful it is

As Divine Feminine, we have such deep emotions.

We get tapped into emotions in the way that no one else can get tapped into.

That is how deep our emotions are.

Not only can sensitivity be a tool with regards to pain and fear, it is to also begin creating from a place of knowing that the Divine Feminine’s love is so deep, not only with respect to our Divine Masculine, but with everything around us as well.

That is how powerful sensitivity and our deep emotions can be, we only need to channel it to Source’s direction, to accelerate manifestation.

Simply put, human emotions are just beautiful in every way.

Everyone is connected to certain things, we value in a different way, and it all comes down a place of healing and having emotional mastery.

All that said, thank you for all the support we’ve been receiving.

We are very grateful.

Hope this message lifts you all in some way.

With Love,


Heartstrings Connection

Zita, Charu, Daira

Best Friends in Service


Zita, Charu, and Daira have a shared purpose to work with the children. We are grateful that for the first time on our own spiritual journey, we have the opportunity to announce that we will be moving forward with working with the children as the next step in our mission.

To learn more about our project, Children's Heartstrings Connection, you can read the full story here:

If you feel connected to this project, you can join us by contributing...

Very soon, we will be sharing more on our projects with the children, and any upcoming planning which you can join, volunteer and contribute.

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