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All About Light Language: An All You Need To Know Guide On The Language Of The Divine

Light Language

is the language of the Divine...

Light language...

is received by the higher mind, the higher heart, and the cellular consciousness where divine information are encoded and understood in full knowing.


How is this possible?

Light language is a healing that works through vibrationally on the physical and subtle energetic body levels.

Light Language is only understood by the soul and the subconscious mind.

Therefore, light language bypasses the logic of the brain and speaks directly to your soul.


How do we work with light codes?:

Whether it is a visual light code activation or an audio light code activation, all that there needs to happen in order for the vibrational exchange and healing to take place is...

The first step to working on any divine light code is by

having gratitude.

Bowing down, surrendering with reverence and gratitude to the divinity of the light codes, helps one connect with the energy of the light codes on a deeper level.

Consciously giving energy to light codes awakens the memory in our DNA and uses the life force energy within us to lift us from blocks.

* Drink lots of water before and after meditation to help integrate these codes.

* Rest after meditation to facilitate the integration of these codes.


An important thing to remember about working with light codes...

is that light language facilitates the process of healing. Through conscious attention to the light codes (by simply looking or hearing), it awakens the memory in your DNA, helping you to lift your blocks and bring in understanding and realizations accordingly to where you are in your journey.

You receive the healing exactly where your body, mind, and soul needs it in that point in time.

As stated above,

"Light Language is only understood by the soul and the subconscious mind.
Therefore, light language bypasses the logic of the brain and speaks directly to your soul."

It is simply a recognition which takes place.

The understanding and wisdom is received in your energy and can be seen shift and unfold in the physical reality over time.

The more you work and meditate on light codes in state of love and gratitude, the more that these light language activations facilitates your growth, in all layers that requires healing and understanding in.


Our Spiritual Tools...

On our website, we offer plenty of light language activations.

On our awakening journey, there are many layers which are connected to us and have important roles when it comes to the process of our healing.

Whether it would be with our divine counterpart, outside triggers, planetary alignments, and incoming energies, and more,

they all play a special role in helping us heal and ascend,

and they can facilitate and aim at unhealed or blocked layers of ourselves, and even at a particular chakra.

Oftentimes though, there are moments we do not understand what is happening to us. A significant healing starts taking place, a processing of energy, which takes us into a heavy clearing and purge.

With that being said, along with the surroundings which helps us tap into our inner being and heal layers, working on light language activations can be extremely helpful especially when you sense there needs to be more healing on a particular chakra.

If interested, you can find light language activations available on our website here:

The importance of the energy exchange is to maintain the divinity of the light codes that has been blessed upon us.


There are free light language activations found on our website as well as our platforms on our Facebook and YouTube page.

Free light language activations on our website using coupon:

Mother Mary VISUAL Light Language Activation: Removing The Veil of Sorrow

'Surrender To The Divine' AUDIO light language activation


Light Language Activations and Healing Youtube Playlist:


Check our Facebook page for more channeled messages and light language activations by Zita:


These codes have helped us immensely on our journey with regards to our divine counterparts and also helped us in healing our past lives.

We hope that you find these helpful to your journey.

With love,

Heartstrings Connection

Zita Charu, Daira

Best Friends in Service

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