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Dusshera Festival and Light Language from Kali Ma

Hello Beautiful Souls,

On this auspicious day (Day 9), we thought of sharing a powerful blog on the festival “Navratri” and its significance.

According to the Hindu mythology "Navratri" is a celebration and prayers offered to the nine forms/avatars of kali ma. This is a celebration for nine nights. ‘Nav’ in Navratri means nine and ‘Ratri’ in Navratri means night. All the nine days prayers are offered to the different forms of Kali Ma. Each day of the nine days is associated to an incarnation of the goddess. The significance of this festival is the prominent battle was fought between Kali ma and the demon named “Mahishasura”. The tenth day otherwise called Dusshera (meaning tenth day) or Vijayadashami (Vijaya meaning win and Dashami meaning tenth day) is a day of celebration of Kali ma on the victory of the demon she fights. On the tenth day she restores peace to the world.

This can be correlated to us, The Divine Feminines, on the twin flame journey. You all must have derived from the explanations above that during the twin flame journey, we go through immense purge cycles, but working with the purge and effectively healing, keeps taking us forward on our awakening path.

This is the celebration of the DIVINE FEMININE power.

Victory of light over dark.

Victory of peace over evil.

No purge/pain/trigger is too big for the Divine Feminine, anything can be conquered with love. Self love gives and nurtures our service to humanity.

Day 1:

On this day, prayers are offered to “Shailaputri” which means “the Daughter of mountain”. She is regarded as a direct incarnation of Kali ma and in this form the goddess is worshipped as a spouse of Lord Shiva. In this form, she is depicted as riding on the bull, Nandi, with a sword like structure called the “Trishula” in her right hand and a lotus in her left hand. She is a symbolism of action and vigor.

Day 1 “Shailaputri”: “the Daughter of mountain”

Day 2:

On this day, Goddess “Brahmacharini” another form of Kali ma is worshipped. This form of Kali ma is a depiction of her unmarried self. She is worshipped for the emanicipation and restoring peace and prosperity. She symbolises bliss and calm which depicts tranquillity yet a strong energy.

Day 2 Goddess “Brahmacharini”: restoring peace and prosperity

Day 3:

Day three is associated with the incarnation of Kali ma called “Chandraghanta.” After Parvati married Shiva, she adorned her forehead with the ardhachandra (ardha- half, Chandra- moon). She symbolises beauty and bravery.

Day 4:

On day four, Goddess “Kushmanda” is worshipped. This form of Kali ma is believed to be the creative power of the universe. She is goddess who is associated with the endowment of vegetation on Mother Earth. She is depicted as having eight arms and sits on a Tiger as her vehicle.

Day 4 "Kushmanda" The Creative Power Of The Universe

Day 5:

This incarnation of Kali ma is named as “Skandamata” (mother of Skanda) (Skanda- kartikeya, son of Parvati and Shiva, Mata- mother). She is depicted as riding a ferocious lion, having four arms and holding her baby. She symbolises the transforming strength of a mother when her child is confronted with danger.

Day 5 “Skandamata” (mother of Skanda) Transforming Strength Of A Mother

Day 6:

This incarnation is shown to exhibit courage. She is “Katyayani," known to be a warrior goddess and is considered to be the most violent forms of Goddess Parvati. She is depicted as riding a lion and has four hands.

Day 6 “Katyayani," known to be a warrior goddess

Day 7:

On this day Goddess “Kalaratri” is revered. She is considered to be the most ferocious form of Goddess Parvati. It is believed that Goddess Parvati removed her fair skin to kill demons like Sumbha and Nisumbha. On this day, she appears in white colour attire with rage in her eyes and her skin turns black.

Symbolism of the white attire she wears is that the white colour portrays prayer and peace and ensures that she will be present to protect any one who calls unto her for their protection.

Day 8:

“Mahagauri” is worshipped on this day. She symbolises peace, intelligence and optimism.

Day 9:

People on this day pray to “Siddhidhatri” also known as “Saraswati Devi.” She is the “she who possesses." She is depicted as sitting on the lotus and is believed to posses and bestows on us all types of siddhis (powers).

“Saraswati Devi," Goddess of Knowledge

Kali Ma is the most powerful Feminine avatar. She demolished the evil force “Mahishasura.” Her transformation teaches us that the obstacles and the pain we go through, just facilities our transformation. We also learn and evolve from it.

Kali Ma: Divine Mother of Love.

“Connect with Kali Ma
The Supreme Goddess in the most powerful Divine Feminine avatar
As she protects you during your ascension
The energy of an awakening soul needs protection from energy attacks in various forms
She protects a soul as it evolves facing different stages in one’s journey
Connect with the Divine Mother Ma Kali for protection from any kind of energy attack
Protect your dream space as well by connecting to Kali Ma
May this light language clear your energy and help you connect with Kali Ma”
- Zita

Connecting with Kali Ma helps every Divine Feminine to come out of the pain that we experience in the destruction phase of our ego self. Connecting with Kali Ma will help you transform naturally to the next phase of awakening, as she connects you to source and eases your pain.

This only gives us all an understanding that we all have everything that is required inside each one of us. We need to play different roles in different situations but ultimately, LOVE is the most powerful force that there is. Any role that we assume should be taken on the basis of LOVE.

For energy clearing and strengthening connection to Kali Ma, here is a light language audio activation:

Also find the light code activation from Kali Ma on Facebook:

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