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Hello Beautiful Souls

The planet Venus has been inching closer and closer for several months now and is going to be in exact conjunction with the Pleiades Star cluster (Seven Sisters) on April 4th, 2020. Although the planet Venus has a conjunction with the Pleiades star cluster every year, this significant conjunction of Venus-Pleiades system occurs only in early April and recur in cycles of 8 years.

The last time this exact conjunction like occurred was in 2012. Observing the years of this conjunction (2012 and 2020), we realise that they are leap years. This conjunction has happened during the leap years.

Scientifically speaking, Venus’s cyclical visits to the Seven Sisters occur because the planet’s motion relative to the Sun repeats every 8 years as seen from Earth’s skies.

Venus is seen as morning star and evening star. As an evening star, Venus appears in the west in the period following sunset shining as a brightest star. As Venus moves ahead of the Sun, she eventually becomes visible again in the east, in her helical rising shortly before sunrise.

These sharp contrasting appearances of Venus and her cyclic withdrawal from human sight became incorporated into her mythological characteristics. It is said that Venus was not only called the Goddess of Love and Procreation, but also as the Goddess of War, while her periodic re-emergence was associated with the seasonal fertility of the Earth. Her evening manifestation was said to bring men and women to the act of love in bed, but her morning appearance woke them up to go to war.

This varied and strong avatars of Venus (carrying feminine polarity) talks to me about the Divine Feminines tapping into the Goddess energies and embracing various avatars as and when the situations demands. We need to play different roles in different situations but ultimately, LOVE is the most powerful force that there is. Any role that we assume should be taken on the basis of LOVE.

There are actually 3 varieties:

  • Close: Venus passes squarely in front of the cluster

  • Mid-distance: Venus passes ~2.5° from the cluster

  • Far: Venus passes ~3.5° from the cluster

the mid-distance passage of Venus and the star cluster

This time, we are witnessing the mid-distance passage of Venus and the star cluster

Here’s what to look for in the sky:

April 3rd, 2020: One hour after sunset, Venus, up in the west, is to the lower left of Alcyone. This is the best night. While Venus and the cluster appear close together, Venus is relatively nearby in our solar system, while the cluster is nearly 444.2 light years away.

April 4th, 2020: This evening and for the next few evenings Venus and Sirius are at nearly the same altitude in the west at about 9 p.m. CDT in Chicago, a few minutes after the end of evening twilight (about 105 minutes after sunset). While Venus and Sirius are too far apart for technical comparisons of their brightness difference, the brightest star and the brightest planet are the same altitude in the western sky. Sirius, Orion’s belt, Aldebaran, and Venus are nearly in a line across the western horizon.

This close conjunction of Venus and the Pleiades Star cluster after 8 years and the this happening in the leap years reminds me of the significance of energy of the number 8 of 2020 leap day. From the shape of number 8, we can understand that it resembles the sign of infinity. Also, the two parts of the number 8 talks about the circle, i.e., circle of life, death and rebirth. To understand more what’s been mentioned here, please read our recent blog on Leap Year Influence on Twin Flame Journey:

1. VENUS is a planet which carries the Divine Feminine energy and expresses the qualities of love also balances and rejuvenates energy within.

2. Venus is called an evening star when it is the brightest and becomes visible as the sun goes down.

This talks about the Rise of the Divine Feminine in her wholeness which is shining light on her Divine Masculine and leading him.

3. PLEIADES STAR (The Seven Sisters): has the energy of fertility, nourishment and facilitates the womb chakra energy. Helps in bringing the higher to the physical.

4.Sirius: The birth place of the twins. Has the memory, clarity that the twins long for throughout their journey.

April 4th, 2020, leap year conjunction significance on TWIN FLAME journey.

This conjunction talks about the abundance received on the twin flame journey.

It carries the energy of the number 8 (2020.. conjunction after 8 years)

This energy of 8 is indicative of the financial support from the Divine.

This on the twin flame journey talks about the WOMB CHAKRA

Divine Feminine during this time feels the clearing taking place in the womb chakra

Helping the Divine Feminine heal all the suppressed emotions

This healing is essential for the abundance

Because it is through the womb chakra portal that the higher energies are birthed into the physical.

The Physical manifestation of abundance.

Healing womb chakra during this portal lightens the energy and brings in rewards

The energy is calling out for all the Divine Feminine’s to take that step forward in new directions to birth our soul’s calling by being balanced and whole. Watch our podcast on Twin Flames: Transition from Separation Pain to Wholeness (

The conjunction of Venus and Sirius Sun: It is about time now for the Divine Feminine to align to the portal of love, peace, wholeness and abundance, to surrender all of the pain to the White flame of the Sirius Sun. Divine Feminines moving towards a place of self-love from a place of ego is very allegorical of Venus as an evening star and shining their lights.

As we continue to progress through these energies from the beginning of 2020, the mercury retrograde that just went by, the heightened impact of Cancer-Capricorn eclipse cycles being highly influenced by the effects of outer planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and now the Venus conjunction with Pleiades Star cluster; a lot of past memories are being brought to the surface, inner child healing, the past lives and healing one’s past and present karmic debts. All the aspects that requires to be reassessed are being brought to focus so that we heal all those aspects. Working with these energies and making use of these energy portals will reward us in the long run as we travel through this portal of love and birth (Venus- Pleiades Star cluster conjunction).

If any of you have been feeling this energy in your womb, it is time to tap into the energy of newness, a time of fertility and birth. A time of rebirth of the soul by tapping into THE WOMB CHAKRA: THE13th CHAKRA OF UNION, which talks about the restoration of life.

To make use of the present energies to the fullest, please click on the link to failitate your womb chakra clearing and healing:

In summary, astrologically and energetically speaking we have a lot that’s been happening. We have had the most intense geomagnetic storms and solar winds moving into the Earth at high speeds bringing in high vibrational energies affecting our light bodies in the most beautiful ways. Seems like a powerful time for the Divine Feminines to soar to the next of freedom since the Divine Feminine energies are amplifying at this time with the continuous love, protection and support from the Divine team of light. Seeing everything from a spiritual lens will make this journey of healing a beautiful path to travel.

Dr. Charanyaa Sampath

Sending love, light and many blessings

Zita, Charu, Daira

Best friends in Service

Heartstrings Connection


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