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Hello Beautiful Souls

This blog is coming as a reminder to all you beautiful souls to remember the purpose of your existence. We want to again explain and elaborate on the channeled message we received from the Sirius Sun (the birth place of the twin flames) since it is about time we know it, so that we can help free ourselves as we have entered into the 2020 which brings with it the energies of UNIONS. If you haven’t watched the video yet, please click on the link:

History tells that the star system of Sirius has been closely responsible with the continuous upgrading of the Earth. The Sirians resulted in the evolution of the Earth by establishing the Ancient Egyptian civilization after the other civilizations were destroyed due to the Atlantis influence. It is said the Sirians were the mediators between the Galactic Council at the Central Sun and the people of Earth. Every year from the 26th of July till the 12th of August, a brand new wave of a high vibrational light from the Central Sun is directed towards the Earth. This phenomenon is magnified by the Sun getting in conjunction with the Sirius Sun and this conjunction forms a straight line with the position of Earth. This high vibrational light is anchored on Earth through the absolutely awe striking Pyramid complexes at Giza, Egypt which helps to spread the light throughout the Earth through the Earth Grids.

For a while, due to the influence of Atlantis/ Iron Age where we totally lost our connection with the Divine, the Pyramids of Giza was unable to transmit these high vibrational light from the Siris Sun and hence the evolution of Earth was drastically slowed down. Since 2012, we stepped into the Photon belt and slowly aligning with the Divine will/ the Golden Age which has helped the Earth step into higher consciousness of LOVE and out of EGO. To have a deeper understanding on this aspect, please read our blog on LION’S GATE PORTAL IN CONNECTION WITH TWIN FLAMES and Lion's Gate Portal - Astrology - Opening Us Up To The 0 Point

Sirius Sun is the birth place of the twins (please read the blog:


The birthplace of the twins

Earth aligns with the spiritual sun on the Lion’s gate portal

This portal is significant for the twins

This portal brings in blessings

Connecting with higher energies is important

Being mindful and grateful is important

To harness the blessings

This portal connects the womb chakra (red flower): the flame within us to the White flame of the spiritual sun

Blessing the twin flames with their true potentials

Connect with the spiritual sun

Also, we have another blog talking about the RITUAL that was performed in Egypt (Part 1) and Rome (Part 2) to help the Divine Masculines recognise the connection with the Divine Feminines (Part 1) and to lift the Divine Masculines from the social constraints (Part 2), respectively. ( This blog contains powerful channeled messages from the Egyptian timeline guides which helps us understand the importance of these rituals performed and the portals which facilitated the process.

For all those who missed the Sacred Circle Ritual in Egypt (Part 1), the New Moon Ritual which was performed on 31st July 2019 will clear the energy that is required to be in alignment for the Lion’s Gate Portal

New Moon Ritual performed on 31st July 2019 in our Abundance Ritual Page

The New Moon Ritual on 31st July 2019 comprised of the following as mentioned below in the post:

To know more about the ritual that we performed in Rome, please click on this link:

On this video ( Zita talks about the Lions Gate portal and the downloads we received from the winged lion



Increases the strength required for the DM to rise

It is important to enter the lion’s gate with maximum healing

It is important to clear blocks and be ready for this portal to benefit the DM

Gaining clarity on the journey

And knowing what you truly want is important

Before the lions gate

This portal acts as a rebirth portal, strengthening the spine of the Divine Masculine

Helping them stand in their true potential





Lion symbolises authentic self

True freedom is being authentic self

Being authentic breaks fears and aligns with source

The wing symbolises “the Divine Intervention”

Helping the Divine Masculine stand in their knowing

And lifting them from Karmic Bondages


The energies talk about the potential of this time to lift the DM and them standing in their true authentic selves. The 8/8 portal, when the Sun is in Leo and is marked by the star Sirius moving closer to earth and aligning in Orion’s belt- shows the divine intervention and lifting them up from the social constraints, standards, agreements, paper work. They are being lifted from all these bonds from the onset of the Lions gate portal.

During this time, we receive important activation (activations of DNA) with high purge levels so that we cleanse the unwanted vibrations out of the system to make way for the healing. For the energies to work through us effectively, especially during the important energy portals, it is crucial that we all know how to purge: To know more on this please watch our youtube videos and read our blog ( on how to harness the energies during the important portals.

Knowing how to purge is crucial to attain freedom and abundance. Not knowing how to purge will result in keeping us all in stagnant energy which can slow down the progress of ascension. If anyone wants to know more on abundance blockage symptoms, please read our blog on: Abundance Blockage Symptoms: How To Know If You Have One and How To Come Out Of It:

The time from the onset of Lions Gate portal speaks about the dissolving of responsibilities, karmic bonds, and to surrender it all to the Sirius Sun, the Central Sun. It is now the time by facing our fears and surrendering so that twins break all of the karma and reap the rewards.

It’s time for us to connect to our womb chakra, the 13th chakras chakra of the union. The 13th Chakra of Union has the energy of red fire, the red flower energy. It is time now to dissolve all of our fears by facilitating the Root Chakra clearing and aligning our soul directly to the Source.

The energy that the DF’s carried for a long time on this ascension,

For all the hardships and lessons that we went through,

It’s time now to align this energy, to surrender this energy and give that back to the White flame of the Sirius Sun for it to be lifted so that the karmic relationships, and the karmic bonds are removed (

The energies of the years from 2017 to 2019, were all about facilitating the DF’s to get in touch with our authentic selves, finding ourselves, our purpose by moving forward through healing the various triggers we have faced all along. This healing that we had done till now, the knowledge that we have gained in course of time will help us balance our feminine and masculine energies within and thus helping our DM’s heal. The energies from Lions gate portal onwards is focussing on helping the DM’s strengthen their spines. This can happen as we DF’s balance the masculine and feminine sides through healing by being in the place of love and facing our fears. Please read our blog on 1212 portal and how important it is to ground our purpose and unions. ( The end of the video comprises a light language from the Central Sun to lift and activate the energy of the twins, the true potential of the twins to stand in our truest power.

Quantum field message from the Sirius Sun for the collective:

It is a Divine time for the DF’s to use our spiritual gifts to be in our authentic selves. We recently uploaded a podcast on How to Tap into Your Spiritual Gifts, Significance of Spiritual Tools, What is Light Language ( Also, if you need support/upliftment, please feel free to check our website for spiritual tools (light language activations):

The DM’s went through many hardships in the physical, even if they were not connected to the higher, they did face many hardships in the physical world and they never understood what was happening and why the meltdown and the breakdown in their career and how they feel that their lives were taken away from them even after earnest attempts to keep their lives on track. This was the energy until the Lions Gate portal. On commencement of Lion’s Gate portal, the energy is such that it is opening them up to connect to their authentic selves. They are realizing that their truest treasure is connecting to their heart, what they want, and fulfilling themselves. The society around them doesn’t satisfy them, they want to provide something, and they want to contribute. And they are understanding that all of this happens only through connecting the heart, the peace, and the happiness, and following their own heart. They are connecting towards their heart, they are understanding that their heart has answers to all of it. They are also, at the moment, connecting the dots and realizing that they cannot be without their DF’s. Please read our recent blogs on our website to have an understanding on these energies:

When the DF’s are continuously healing from the PLACE OF LOVE and looking at this journey through spiritual eye in every step, the DM’s move from the place of EGO to LOVE. This will help the DM’s get more connected to their very authentic self. This is very representative of the transition of Venus, at this time, from morning star to evening star which is indicative of the fact that the DF’s are going inward and concentrating on the aspects of healing the traumas and subconscious matters and shining their lights. By doing effective healing at this time, they are opening up their higher hearts with unconditional love and staying on their paths towards mission. The DF’s doing the inner work and staying in alignment will help strengthen the DM’s face their fears.

It is important to understand that ego is a part of everyone of us. This is due the programming that we have gone through. By facing our fears, we break resistance which helps us let go, surrender and break the conditioning that we have been through all along in our lives.

For example: In the beginning of ascension when we dint know certain things with the purge and the pain levels very high, we were seeing the results outside from the place of ego. We were in so much pain back then that we were blaming the situations and everything around us. We never had the knowledge or even a slightest understanding or the realization to get connected from within and heal.

But now the DF’s have come to this place because we have worked through a lot, we’ve seen magic around us, we have received a lot of syncs, we have been connected to Source. We are moving from a place of ego to the place of love/self love. Through all of the healing that we have done from all of the years and moving towards a place of self-love from a place of ego is very allegorical to the transition of Venus from morning star to the evening star.

Another important channeling we received is the energy of “222 and 333”

From the vision that was shown to us with respect to the twins and the DM’s, they had asked the DF’s to be ready for the DM’s to be ready to walk in at any point in time. Even if they walk in at midnight at around 2:22 A.M or 3:33 A.M, we need to be ready to open the door. The opening of the Lion’s Gate portal has opened up the path for the strengthening of the DM’s for their return back to the DF’s.

The DF’s have been going through so much healing for many years now, we have been taking on that flame in our womb chakra for a long period of time, the responsibility that we have come down here for and healing that we have done. We have walked the path, guiding and being in alignment which has initiated the path of DM’s return. It’s time for us to connect to our womb chakra, the 13th chakra of the union to aid the unions in the physical.


With the onset of Lions Gate portal (July-August), as we have seen from the channeled messages, the portal was opened for the DF’s to act as a satellite to absorb the multidimensional light messages with the divine’s intervention, so that we can lead the journey by healing to facilitate the strengthening of the DM’s. On anchoring the high vibrational light in the month of August, the following months of September, October ( was focussed on integrating these frequencies in our “ENERGETIC BODIES”. The month of November (;( opened up a portal which intensified the healing in the twin flames so that we prepare for the 1212/1221 portal in the month of December (; ( which is a portal baring us open and preparing the twins for physical unions.

As you all can observe, the energies have transitioned from aiding us to anchor the Divine light that came with the onset of Lion’s Gate portal followed by the portals opening us up for integration of the light so that we heal our energy bodies for the unions and finally, to ground the integrated healing for the physical unions. This is the observation of what’s happened in the eventful 2019.

We are all, by now, are well aware of the 2020 energies fastening the awakening of the twins, both DF’s and DM’s. Many blogs have been updated on our website to explain the incoming 2020 energies. Please read all our blogs, watch our Youtube videos, facebook, pinterest and instagram posts for the understanding of the bliss and clarity on our divine journey which eases our day-to-day life.

Viewing the truth through the spiritual eye on this journey is the crucial for moving forward peacefully with the knowledge that the Divine has our backs always.


We are extremely grateful to each and everyone for the continuous love and support that we have received.

Sending lots of love and many blessings

Zita, Charu, Daira

Best friends in Service

Heartstrings Connection


Follow our Platforms for The Understanding of the Bliss and Clarity On Our Divine Journey Which Eases Our Day-To-Day Life:





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