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Healing the Twin Flame Bond Exercise: Healing the Communication Gap and Coming Closer with Your Twin

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Hello everyone, this is Zita from Heartstrings Connection,

The most common pain, or what we long for or try to fix, is the communication between the twins, the Divine Feminine’s and the Divine Masculine’s communication gap.

A message I got from the quantum field is on How To Heal The Twin Flame Relationship: how to heal the bond and get closer. By healing, I mean how to move forward in the journey.

This download is for every twin who wants to do the healing, who’s doing enough research, who’s putting the conscious effort in healing and moving forward. The reason why this is only for everyone who wants to move forward and want more clarity in life is because of a channeling that I have received about the past life of the twins.

This Lifetime is just a chapter in our book

For so many Twin Flames, there were many past life instances where we did not know that we were twins. There was this separation pain, the heartache that we went through. We didn’t have enough light codes at that point. We went through several trauma and pain related with our twins. We did not have the understanding of what the Twin Flame journey was for many lifetimes.

The twins who are here now in this lifetime, who know that we are twins, that in itself is a blessing. To know and to understand that the Twin Flame journey teaches us that we are whole with the unity consciousness as well as this lifetime is just a chapter in our book.

Explaining this from an energetic point of view, we have no idea about the pain and sacrifices that the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine had gone through and cleared in order to have this many light code activations and clarity in this lifetime.

I am getting the energy for the twins who are moving away from the journey because of the pain, because of the non-clarity that they have. I do want to say that this only adds to more pain. The cycle repeats. You are born again in another lifetime and will go through the same thing, as well as adding this lifetime’s pain. This has to be healed.

I would say that for all the pain that I have gone through, I would heal it all as much as I can in this lifetime. I’m grateful for all the clarity, for even knowing that we’re a Twin Flame is a beautiful energy. For all the pain and the madness that I have gone through, when I have gotten to know that I was a Twin Flame, and for calling my love as Divine love, was an energy lifting moment for me.

The Goal of the Divine Feminine is

to reach wholeness through healing

This is for every twin. The message from the quantum field for the Divine Feminine is that the 2020 energies is increasing, fast tracking the ascension and awakening energies for the Divine Feminine.

During the quantum field, an important message that came through was that this Twin Flame exercise which we will be learning is for all of the Divine Feminine who are in for the healing, who wants to tap into their goddess energy and do as much healing in this lifetime in order to reach wholeness, to reach the place of being whole.

That is the entire goal of the Divine Feminine: to reach wholeness, to heal the separation pain, to move forward and reach wholeness.

Divine Feminine’s Essential Guide

on Self-Healing and Reaching Wholeness

All of the work that’s been put up on our channel are videos which can be watched at any moment in time. There are different discussions on the Twin Flame journey, different understandings, including light code activations. Every video put up and every channeled messages posted on our platform is going to help us on an everyday basis.

One of the most important discussions that’s been put up is on how to go through a purge because that is a blessing portal. We all go through it. That is the portal where we heal.

If there is any twin out there who has this energy to self-heal, and is looking for that, please listen to the 4 video series discussion discussion describing the stages of Purge on the Twin Flame Journey:

Stage 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4W5kQO_u9o0

Stage 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sJQJYJbdT8

Stage 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2vqMXyul_8

Stage 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wfqnEbKGJ8

For every time you come out of a purge,

you receive more light codes.

There is more strength,

there is more clarity,

there is more wholeness,

and you heal your separation pain

and get tapped in your wholeness.

For the Twins who know me personally and have known that my own Twin Flame journey wasn’t easy in any terms, I’ve practiced what I have been taught on how to come out of purge, be whole and content. My own pain has taught me to be stronger than ever, to face the troubles and the obstacles on my way, my healing so that I get the most out of this lifetime, being whole for all that I have gone through in my own pain.

Going through the pain and learning how to come out of it is a blessing portal which gives us light code and clarity.

Because we’ve practiced this on an everyday basis, me, Charu, and Daira’s purge cycles have reduced immensely. When I purge these days, I know that I am going through a purge but there are no thoughts involved. It’s more blissful.

All I can say today for sure is that even twins can breathe. I didn’t know that when I started my journey as Twin Flames. Even Twin Flames can breathe. We can smile. There is bliss. There is joy. There is a lot of bliss and wholeness and completeness within me. The purge cycles have turned into energy outbursts. if I can experience that, so can any twin.

There are different kinds of purge:

  1. One is because of our own self-healing.

  2. The other is because of the celestial alignments. Since we are light beings, we get connected and healing on those days (celestial alignments) are higher than any other day. They are energies we respond to differently based on our own healing. So as we heal, as we are more whole, there is a lot of blissful energies.

I am very happy to be reaching this place and to also be a testimony to say that we, twins, can be happy as well. We, twins, can achieve our dreams as well. There is a lot of abundance coming in our way as well as with our own relationships and bonds (kids, parents, siblings) which we were isolated from gets healed. We are a testimony that twins can have a beautiful life. As we venture into our different calling towards our Children’s Heartstrings Connection, we are very grateful for the love and the support that we are receiving and for all of the funding.

All that said, an important thing to remember on the Twin Flame journey is learning how to go through a purge and tapping into your own goddess energy by being whole and being love through that process.

There is no rock bottom for us as twins.

We cannot give up on the journey because we are right back the next day. For twins who are with karmics, there is no peace there as well. The cycle continues, the pain is there, the hearts are blocked. This takes a lot of time to come out as well— the cycle of making decisions from a place of pain, making decisions from a place of ego, making decisions from a place of hurt. Let us learn how to come out of a purge this lifetime. Be strong, gather your strength, be love. Watch those videos. All of the channeling which we’ve received has helped us and is helping us everyday. It will help all of you as well, who is interested to know more on it.

The Step By Step Healing Exercise:

When in the quantum field, I’ve received a channeling and asked that this exercised be given to the twins.

This exercise is going to make you come closer with your twin.

One thing that we have to understand is that as much as pain that we go through, the same pain our twins go through.

This exercise is going to heal us.

Let us begin with knowing the steps first…


Go into a beautiful meditation phase.

Calm your mind and reach a place where you see yourself seated or standing on the ground. The connection with the ground is the energy of grounding it in the physical.

Going into a beautiful meditation phase

Then imagine…

Imagine energy around you, a semi-circle above you, an energy bubble around you.

You are inside that bubble, standing or sitting on the ground with your energy connected to Mother Earth. That is the physical connection, your feet on the ground and the energy bubble around you.

Imagining energy bubble, a semi-circle above

Go walk inside and leave all of your pain behind.

Call in your twin, see your twin inside the semi-circle, the energy bubble above and all around you. See him in there as well.