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Updated: Oct 16, 2019

We, especially the twins, have heard a lot of people say that the 8/8/2019, Lion’s gate portal is a very significant time for the twins. But the truth be told, not many actually know why this is significant. This blog contains important information and channelings about the significance of this portal for the twin flames. It also entails the consequences and effects of the energies at this time. The first step to healing is having the urge to make conscious attempts to understand the depths of the various important aspects on spiritual awakening and twin flame journey. Learning the effects of different vibration is in itself an activation. We hope this message has served as an activation, unlocked the memory in your DNA and bought you closer to the awareness bringing effecting healing. Sending you all love, light and healing on this auspicious day.

Before talking about the Lion’s Gate portal, I want to shed some light on the period (light age) that we are entering into with the explanation of the Central Sun.

The Sun is at the center of our solar system and is connected to the Central Suns. “Alcyone” is the name of our own Central Sun, from the Pleiadian System that we are part of. All the worlds are governed by the presence and the influence of the Suns and Central Suns. At the moment, the Sun is changing its vibrations, as we are opening up our hearts. We are beginning to align with the Sun and the Central Suns and as we begin to align with our Sun. The cosmic rays are nothing but the solar flares which the Central Sun emits to align the Earth to bring peace and harmony. The last time such an Earth alignment with the Suns and the Central Suns ever happened dates back to the last Golden Age of Egyptian timelines, when the pyramids, stone circles, standing stones were created to be in alignment with the different stars (Suns and the Central Suns) of the solar system. We are not only completing the 26000 year cycle, but also a 500,000 and 2,000,000 year cycles as we align with the Divine will. In a 26,000 year cycle, which takes in the full cycle of the zodiac, we have four main stages. The first being the Golden Age where we are in full conscious connection to Divinity, Prime Creator, God is within. Where we live in a state of harmony with all life, Peace and Love are the energy we work with. We are aligned through the Sun and Central Sun, and core of the Earth. Then we have a Silver Age, where we start to need ritual to keep our connection. Next the Bronze Age where the Creator loses itself in Creation, and we start to experience separation. Then the Iron Age or Kali/Dark Age where we have totally lost our connection and there is chaos, the energy we run on is Fear. We are now just about to move out of the Dark Age and into the Golden Age, and a new cycle. Halfway through this 26,000 year cycle, we go into the Photon Belt. The Photon Belt is a band of Light Photons that runs through the Central Sun of the Pleiadian System.

Now we have moved into the Photon Belt, into the Age of Aquarius and we have to make a great leap in consciousness, out of fear and into Love. If we can do this then it will be a harmonious transition. We are learning to align our will to the Divine Will, and so come from our Heart, Solar Self which is our Divine Connection. Learning to live in harmony and cooperation with each other- UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS- ONENESS. This way we move forward in our mission work in the physical.

The alignment of the Greater Central Sun with our Sun means that higher frequencies of Source energy are coming in and creating a shift in the subconscious mind. At this stage, we become our Light Body and Solar Self. We are awakening to the presence of the Golden Discs through the Central Sun and our solar selves.

The significance of this transition and alignment that’s happening on a universal level has an effect on the twin flames.

The twins are given birth from the Celestial heart of the Central Sun. Twin flames are the other half of your being and are born out of the original white-fire ovoid. I will enable a better understanding of this diagrammatically.

Figure 1. Blueprint of twins in the heart of the divine

The Figure.1 represents the electronic blueprint in the heart of the divine (Central Sun). From this white fire, the divine, makes two spheres (beings) of light as represented in the Figure.2 below. This blueprint basically comprises of the masculine and feminine polarities of the Father/Mother God, i.e., one being carrying the positive charge and the other being carrying the negative charge.

Figure 2. Male and the Female polarities

From these explanations, we understand the prominence of this Divine time of Lion’s gate portal for the awakening souls especially the twin flames.


The birthplace of the twins

Earth aligns with the spiritual sun on the Lion’s gate portal

This portal is significant for the twins

This portal brings in blessings

Connecting with higher energies is important

Being mindful and grateful is important

To harness the blessings

This portal connects the womb chakra (red flower): the flame within us to the White flame of the spiritual sun

Blessing the twin flames with their true potentials

Connect with the spiritual sun

Sirius: The Sun

With the opening of the Lion’s gate portal, the solar winds have been moving at very high speeds for the past two days. On the 5/8/2019 the solar winds were moving with the speed of 715 km/sec, 6/8/2019 the winds were at a speed of 626.8 km/sec, 7/8/2019 the speed is at 483.6 km/sec and 8/8/2019 the speed is at 552.2 km/sec. It is evident from the increase in the speed of the solar winds today, i.e., the 8/8/2019- Lion’s Gate Portal that the winds are getting in high vibrational light into the face of Earth. The energies from velocity with which the solar winds are moving at speaks loudly that the Divine Feminines will be faced with heavy purges at this point and IT IS TIME NOW to be mindful of our actions and see the triggers as portals which teaches us important lessons which we miss to notice at normal times. The energies are facilitating the Divine Feminines to connect to Womb Chakra, the 13th Chakra of Union, a union of masculine and feminine energies and help us break free from the constraints which is holding us back in our DNA. It is time now to embrace our goddess energy from within and call back our Divine Masculines.

When the solar winds enter the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed, it generally to me sheds light on those aspects that require immediate attention to healing. At this time, the intensity with which those aspects are felt is much heightened. These are maybe the aspects that have been suppressed for a long time. Another interesting facet of the incoming solar winds is the AURORAS that it produces as it hits the Earth’s atmosphere. Usually the auroras are green in colour. This happens when the oxygen atoms are excited by the change in the geomagnetic activity when the winds enter the atmosphere. But a difference in the colour of aurora to red on approaching the lions gate portal on 8/8/2019 is due to the excitation of the oxygen atoms at higher altitudes (between 150 km to 500km above the Earth’s surface). The incoming solar winds are activating the upper regions of the Earth’s atmosphere producing these red auroras. What significance I derive from this phenomena is that, the energies are activating us all in such a way that we are being made to understand the importance of healing and choices in our life so that we are taken to the higher timelines. Also, the colour red to me has a profound message. This again talks about the Womb Chakra. The chakra of union to be lifted and connected to the higher consciousness (Divine Will) and heal ourselves in such a way that we let the energies work through us to life the karmic bonds. It is imperative that we “LET GO OF CONTROL AND SURRENDER TO THE DIVINE WILL NOW”. We each have various dimensions in our lives that require us to let go; be it in relationships, financial issues and so on so forth.

The keywords for this Lions Gate Portal are: Abundance, Initiation, Attraction, Healing, Purpose, & Accomplishment.

Also, it talks about the high Leo and sun frequency correlates with the fire energy. This period of preparation before we enter the Lions Gate Portal is allowing us to be more rooted and grounded in our knowing, our foundation and core purpose. To me, it is time to embrace and ignite the fire energy (i.e. purifying, activating, and ever shining) within each one of us. This makes me want to say that anything that is not in alignment with our higher soul purpose will be brought out during this energetic portal more than any other time. Because there is a lot of sun energy, it is pushing us to be more of our authentic selves by making us master our emotions and desires while dealing with the ebb and flow of the universe. To be our authentic selves, it is important to stand in our truth, to be liberated and birth the new energy so that our karmic bonds are lifted.

The SR has been low for the past three days with the frequency ranging between 16 Hz- 11 Hz today. The intensity of the SR at frequency range of 8 Hz- 12 Hz was strongest precisely correlating with the aspect of solar winds that is bringing up emotions suppressed in the subconscious mind for the longest times. Connect with Mother Gaia in gratitude to keep you grounded during these intense times. Today, 8/8/2019, the SR has shot up to higher frequencies and gone off charts only to confirm the fact that we are faced with high vibrational light from the Central Sun. The spiritual sun accentuates the importance of healing the layers of our subconscious memory, which is apparent from the fact that the intensity of SR is in the range of 8 Hz- 12 Hz, yet again.

All the energies, be it the planetary transits, the solar activities, the Schumann Resonance, is giving us all a message that it is time that the Divine Feminines rise up from the low vibrational energies (victim mode, pity energies) and see the magic and abundance all around us in everything, go out and shine the light by being true authentic selves.

Winged Lion

Lion symbolizes authentic self

True freedom is being authentic self

Being authentic breaks fears and aligns with source

The wing symbolizes Divine Intervention

The Divine Intervention

Helping the Divine Masculine stand in their knowing

And lifting them from Karmic Bondages

To register for the Ritual To Lift The Karmic Bonds by Athena and Zeus: click on

To learn more about how it all began, ritual, Sacred ritual which was in Egypt, ritual in Rome: click on

The Divine team of light along with the energies are assisting each one of us to with additional strength to face our fears and heal. It is time we embrace the warrior that we are with the knowledge that this journey is a spiral and we all visit our lessons again and again until it is turned into wisdom. Going within and rediscovering ourselves everyday will make us understand ONENESS in a whole new different level and this very feeling will make us all feel WHOLE.

The ultimate purpose of the Twin Flame journey, the way I see it, is to unearth all the programming that we have been conditioned to, consciously or unconsciously that has kept us from becoming our authentic selves. This journey is like a wake up call and shakes us all up so that we eventually connect to the higher. The process of unearthing happens through the various triggers and it is through these triggers that we cleanse and purge the unwanted out of us- a gift from the Divine. This process keeps happening repeatedly until we become a light body. This just explains why “Effective healing- Learning to heal during the purge with the help of the assisting energies is the most potent than any long hours of meditation.” is essential for us twins especially now with the energies enabling us all. Please be reminded that these energies are helping both the divine counterparts. Only effective healing embodying divine, unconditional love, graduates, each of us twins towards union.

Sending love, light, healing and many blessings

Zita, Charu, Daira

Best friends in service

Heartstrings Connections

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