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Lion's Gate Portal, Lifting The Karmic Bonds Ritual by Athena and Zeus In Rome

Hello beautiful Souls,

This is the first blog on our website and it gives us (Zita, Daira, Charu) immense pleasure to be introducing the website with this powerful blog content on the “Significance of healing during the Lions Gate portal”. I want to start this blog with a powerful message from Egyptian time line guides.

Lion's Gate Portal:

This energetic portal of lion’s gate is so called because the Sun is in Leo. It carries the energy of high Leo and Sun frequency which is marked by the Sirius (Spiritual Sun) moving closer to Sun and Earth and lining up in Orion’s belt for the next 2000 year (light years). The effect of this alignment is magnified on Earth in Pyramids of Giza which acts as the anchor to the incoming high frequency light waves pushing the life forms, especially awakening souls on Earth into higher timelines. The high Leo and sun frequency correlates with the fire energy. An intense amount of effective healing this month is a prerequisite. This period of preparation before we enter the Lions Gate Portal is allowing us to be more rooted and grounded in our knowing, our foundation and core purpose. With the increase in the velocity of the solar winds and the Schumann Resonance, we are being exposed to the unhealed parts in us to heal, especially the matters related to childhood past and suppressed emotions. With the intensity of SR being very high in the range of 0 Hz- 8Hz, it is more soothing to connect and ask for assistance from Mother Gaia for healing us at this time. The energies on entering the lions gate portal are assisting us to focus on our knowing, foundation, and core purpose. Most of the planets which have a substantial influence and effects to our will power, drive, self-expression are in the sign of Leo, Symbolism of the Lion, Element of the Sun and Fire. The keywords for this Lions Gate Portal are: Abundance, Initiation, Attraction, Healing, Purpose, & Accomplishment. To me, it is time to embrace and ignite the fire energy (i.e. purifying, activating, and ever shining) within each one of us. This Leo energy is radiating and shining the self-love, forever being there for others unconditionally with unconditional shining. This portal and the aspect of fire and Leo is brightening up the aspects that require immediate healing and hence assisting us in the continuous healing and cleansing of the energetic pollution we keep accumulating within us. Anything that is not in alignment with our higher soul purpose will be brought out during this energetic portal more than any other time. Because there is a lot of sun energy, we can sense a lot of fire energy as well within us, and from others. As the sun relates to our outer personality, the energies can go two ways. And that is why it is important to prepare right now in being rooted in our knowing, having clear focus to our foundation and core purpose. Because if we are not, we can actually see more of our insecurities and maybe even become more irritated that we feel we are not in alignment, especially if the choices and actions one can be making is not something that is actually a calling to our heart and soul. This portal is allowing me to see the parts in me that I have walled up and been guarded, especially my heart and matters with regards to finances that I have been programmed to. Tapping into the unconditional LOVE just like the SUN does, is the only way to deal with healing and cleaning, is what I have realised because, love is the highest form of self-expression. To step into the exposure of fire and getting completely expended in it, to me is letting go of my ego and the worldly constraints to die and learning to surrender and let go in a much more deeper level during these intense times. The Lions Gate Portal is making me sense abundance in so many different ways. It is helping me understand ONENESS in a whole new different level and this very feeling is making me feel whole. The healing, cleansing and learning happens in layers only if we allow these energies to work through us. This potent time has surprised me to see myself from a different light, with a definite knowing that a new born “I” rising from the ashes with my heart radiantly open. I bow down and accept this change in energies to the Queen I am now and meant to be.

Some of the important aspects that I want to pin point for everyone to understand here are:

1. From the channeled message, we can see that the Egyptian timeline guides who worked with us were ISIS, OSIRIS, BAST AND ANUBIS. We had two DF goddesses (ISIS and BAST) and two DM gods (OSIRIS AND ANUBIS) who worked in aligning our energies and preparing us for the lions gate portal. Goddess BAST, is a form of Sekhmet, lioness goddess. They represent the two forms of the same goddess like Goddess Kali, Goddess Lakshmi etc. Goddess Sekhmet representing the powerful warrior and protector aspect and Goddess Bast who was depicted as a cat, representing a gentler aspect. The reason for me stating this is that we have the assistance of the lioness BAST in influencing the DM and DF in powerful ways during the lions gate portal. Also, makes me want to say that the DF have the strength to take the role of a warrior in times of need and IT IS NOW THE TIME. When we are in alignment with unconditional love in our heart and with the peace in our minds that this is all DIVINELY ORCHESTRATED, we will be able to ride these dense energies knowing that we are all protected in every step.

Lion is associated with strength and zero point energy neutralization.

Lions want you to know that you don’t have to prove yourself to others.

Lions want you to know that you don’t have to tell every being that you are the king.

Lion wants you to know that by doing so you only bring yourself down.

Act only when required just do your part

And relax and align.

Everything else is taken care of.

It is only when the DF’s stand in their true power by making use of these energies to do effective healing and strengthen, will our DM’s strengthen and stand in their truth. The lion energy is here to lift us all up from the dense energies and make way for the DM’s. DF’s lead and DM’s follow us, but the DF’s lead by doing EFFECTIVE HEALING.

2. Just like the Pyramids of Giza being the anchor to the incoming frequencies on Earth, the DF’s are the anchors on Earth, especially since DF’s are the sensitive to energies. So this aspect pronounces the fact for the DF’s to do effective healing to assist the DM’s on their path to ascension and healing.

It also now makes sense to me as to why we had the Egyptian timeline guides work with us during the ritual- to prepare our bodies for the Lions gate portal.


What is a Ritual?

RITUAL IS PRAYING WITH INTENTION. Every time a ritual is performed, it is important that our hair is washed and we connect with gratitude during the shower. The necessity for washing our hair before any rituals is that, it tends to hold dense energies especially during difficult times such as purge.


This ritual was an initiation of the Divine Masculines to awaken to the 3d world and to recognize the connection with the Divine Feminines.

We had recently conducted a ritual on the abundance ritual page on the NEW MOON ( and for all those who missed the Sacred Circle Ritual in Egypt, this New Moon Ritual will clear the energy that is required to be in alignment for the Lion’s Gate Portal.


The ritual performed in ROME is going to be the part two of the ritual which was performed in EGYPT exactly the same time last year.

From the recent downloads received by Zita, we have been told that powerful Divine Masculines like Socrates, Michelangelo who belonged to roman empire became the men they were because of the place. They were freed from the karmic bonds by facing the walls of the society. The land had its own power which gave these Divine Masculines the strength to be who they are and thus helped humanity as well.

We have being guided to perform a ritual on helping the Karmic bonds to be lifted in the presence of Zeus, Athena, and Winged Lion in the land known for its power to free the Divine counterparts.

We are constantly being told, which we want to share with all of you, that the karmic bonds can only be dissolved by being in the mode of gratitude to the Karmics (anyone/anything that influences the mind of the divine counterparts) for it is because of them that the divine masculines know the value of their Divine feminines. Only through gratitude and love, we can dissolve and lift the Karma. The updates on this ritual will be provided on the website.

It is Zita’s, Daira’s and My (Charu) wishes and prayers that each and every one of you make use of these energy tools to aid yourselves in the process of healing knowing that each one of you are valued and your light is needed for the humanity.

To register for the Ritual To Lift The Karmic Bonds By Athena and Zeus taken place in Rome:

Lots of love and many blessings

Zita, Charu, Daira

Best friends in service

Heartstrings Connections

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