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Spiritual Significance of the 2020 Lunar Chinese New Year (The Year of the Rat)

Hello Beautiful Soul Family

The Lunar Chinese New Year gets kicked off by this New Moon in Aquarius, January 25th of 2020.

For each Chinese New Year, is also a year of 12 traditional (zodiac) animals.

Therefore, each 12 zodiac animal in the Chinese New Year cycle appear every 12 years.

For this year of 2020, is the year of the Rat. According to the Chinese New Year cycle, it is actually the Rat which is considered to be the first of all animals in the wheel.

Which means that it has gone through its 12 year cycle and has made its way back again to this new year. Representing new beginnings — as well as the full circle.

The reason behind why the Rat is first in the Chinese New Year Cycle derives and is born from an ancient Chinese story which begins with the Chinese Emperor Jade.


In this ancient story, the Emperor Jade invited the animals for a race. In this race, which ever animal comes first, will be named after a year.

On the very first race, the Rat was friends with a Cat. As they had gone for a nap, the Cat had deceived the Rat by leaving the Rat behind and going off to the race.

For this reason, the first race did not count and the Cat was disqualified from the race and hence never became a part of the Lunar Chinese cycle.

When finally, on the official race (the second time), the Emperor called for a swimming race and to whomever arrives first, will be named after a year.

After the Rat’s unfortunate and unexpected experience, it did not take very long for the Rat to quickly adapt and follow through. It did not think twice about the past experience. The Rat simply moved forward and have moved a different way than it had moved previously by learning the lessons that the past experience had taught it. Because of this, as the Rat moved forward, it easily found solutions on the way. Along the journey, the Rat befriended a fellow Ox and riding behind the Ox’s back, helped the Rat secure the first place in the race. This is why, in the Chinese zodiac, the Rat is considered to be clever. Though it is more than just clever and strategic, it was the Rat’s manifestation skills that helped him sought out his way forward as the top and first.

Only good comes out of good.

This was true for the Rat in the first round (which was never counted).

The Universe is always on our side.

If we have a kind heart, and always come from a place of love,

then rest assured, only good can come out of good.

As Zita always mentions, “this entire universe sustains in the power of love.”

All that the Rat had to do was to trust the Universe to work in its favor, knowing that only good can come out of good. With the conscious effort of being love and feeling whole, no matter what the situation or conditions appear to be in front, the Universe will provide you, and will work it all out.

“All is well’’ said the Rat.

Relax, the Answers and Solution Will Come On its Way

Never mind the setbacks or unfortunate experiences that have already occurred in the past,

The Rat was quick to bounce right back. The Rat was content, regardless of the situation, yet knew at the very same time, that whatever has happened, was only for the greater good of it all.

Naturally, having gained the wisdom from its previous lesson, the Rat knew how to move forward even without knowing the solid answers.

“Can Rats even swim? How can a Rat even participate in a swimming race?”

It seems like such a huge impossible task for a Rat to swim. An especially impossible task for a rat to be up against a dragon, a tiger or even a monkey and more other animals which appear to have a greater advantage in winning this race for that matter.

However, the Rat never for one second had a doubt. It moved in wholeness even without knowing the answers.

The Rat never knew or logically and strategically analyzed and made for certain that it would even meet an Ox and become friends with it. Even more so, will an Ox even become friends with a Rat? Will this Ox even accept this small creature, Rat?

Those questions never ran in the Rat’s thoughts. But the Rat went with it anyway, knowing that the answers will come in its way, in the moment, knowing that only good can come out of good and the Universe is always there providing for it and being there for it— the Rat let go and completely surrendered to the Universe. It had the least resistance and hence was in the receptive mode.

The story of the Rat and his manifestation skills reminds me of another story of Lord Ganesh (ironically Lord Ganesha’s vehicle is the Rat). This story starts with sage Narada giving the fruit, Mango to Lord Shiva. This mango wasn’t an ordinary mango, but a fruit which gives knowledge and wisdom. This fruit was directed to be given to Lord Shiva by Lord Brahma to any of Lord Shiva’s sons- Lord Ganesh and Lord Murugan. Not knowing who to give the mango, Lord Shiva, on discussing with his beloved- Goddess Parvathi, decided to hold a competition between his sons, and offer the mango as the prize to who ever wins the competition.


Lord Ganesh and Lord Murugan were ready for the competition and was inquisitive to win the mango. Lord Shiva’s terms were that whoever circled the world thrice would win the mango. This condition placed by Lord Shiva puts Lord Ganesha in a quandary for the following reasons

  1. He was a plump by nature

  2. He had a vehicle which was a rat. He felt that going around the world with rat thrice was next to impossible when compared to his brother who had a peacock as his vehicle.

Hearing to the terms of the challenge, Lord Murugan didn't waste any time on thoughts and jumped into his vehicle and fled away to accomplish the challenge.

Instantly Lord Ganesh called his parents Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi to sit together. He immediately started going around his parents by folding his hands in prayer.

Following this, Lord Ganesh asked Lord Shiva for the mango.

Astounded by the acts of Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi said “Give you the mango? But you haven’t met the terms of the competition.”

To this Lord Ganesh replied “As my parents, you are MY WORLD and hence went around you both thrice. Mischievously Lord Ganesh said “now can I have the mango?”

Without any hesitation and pleased with his presence of mind and wit, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi handed the divine mango of knowledge and wisdom to Lord Ganesh.

The Divine Mango of Knowledge and Wisdom given to Lord Ganesh

Lord Ganesh guards the Muladhara chakra/ root chakra, the base of the spine where the kundalini energy lies. He guards it from the unripe minds. Through spiritual awakening and healing, one is given access to the fruit of wisdom.

To work on Root Chakra, click on this link, if you resonate:

Lord Ganesha’s strength lies in his intelligence while Lord Murugan’s strength is his power and speed.

The stories of Rat and Lord Ganesh tells us all how

It doesn’t matter what you are up against or the conditions which appear right in front.

If only you are willing to surrender to the DIVINE and embrace the NOW moment will you be in the receiving mode, which eventually leads to the solutions appearing to you.

All you have to do is just vibrationally align to it and you can do anything.


This Lunar New Year celebration lasts for about 15 days, which is until the following Full Moon.

The 15th day, and the following Full Moon, is known as the Festival of Lanterns which is symbolizes REUNION- a time of freedom, celebrating the return of peace.

Hope this message brought in more clarity with respect to the current festivities and its importance/ significance on our spiritual journey.

Sending Love and Light

Zita, Charu, Daira

Best Friends in service

Heartstrings Connection



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