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Twin Flames: The Ring of Fire and the Harmonious Engagement

Hello Beautiful Soul Family

This blog is about the significance of the celestial events especially the oncoming solar eclipse and the New Moon that we are to face on the 26th December 2019.

We just want to touch base on important channeling we received from our guides on “Transition from the Full Moon energy to the New Moon energy."

Consider the dotted line from the centre of the circle to the circumference of the circle (otherwise called the radius of the circle) to be “our core energy”. When we face the energy of the Full Moon, our core energy is tested. The base of our beliefs, thoughts is tested during these times. These testing times every 28 days, from the Full Moon to the New Moon is like a progress report to show each one of us the place we are at on our healing journey. It is during these times, that questions like: “Is it all right for me??? I am headed in the right direction??? shock our core energy. We are all of a sudden hit by feelings like jealousy, power, ego. We begin to fight with our own energies. These thoughts are intensified during Full Moon which takes a heavy gripping on us.

Full Moon energies help us realize our highest potential by offering an illumination of darker spaces inside of us. It is only through these darker aspects that come up for our healing, do we know that we have to heal. It illumines the conflict which was buried inside of us for years. The clearing that happens during Full Moon is very crucial for our journeys. Also, the separation pain between the twins is real and that void that’s inside of us is also intensified during Full Moons. We are asked “what does our core believe???”. We are also questioned or tested on the aspects of desires and intentions we set during the New Moon. I say tested because it is during this portal that we start to work on our energies to stay in alignment with our desires by going through various triggers. It tests us how much we can still be in alignment with our desires despite of the challenges we face.

So it is in times like this that we need to know how to deal with the polarities that arise during the times of triggers and not give power to these thoughts (mind chatter). During the times of purge we may not have the energy to answer the questions that arise but, the only way to facilitate the heavy clearing without any resistance and break these doubts that crop up at that time “is to be in the place of LOVE."

It is only by learning how to deal with the intense times (learning to purge) that we can change the radius (our core energy) and shift to the next level of healing else, we live and operate in the stagnant energy which attracts the similar vibrational events in our lives. It is only alignment with Source by dealing with everything we come across through love that will change the radius of our circle. Just like the different points of axis on the circle, we need to make conscious attempts to move forward in life moment by moment and hence living in the NOW is crucial.


To know more on how to purge and heal, please watch our videos on You Tube:





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New Moon- the side of the moon which faces Earth is in complete darkness which means the moon cannot be seen. New Moon is an ideal time to implement those lessons that we learned from the purges that we went through during the Full Moon so that these realizations help a notch further in our journey of healing. The new moon energy is fresh start, inflow of the new energies- a time to manifest bliss and peace. It is an important portal to be aligned with our desires.

By journeying through the cycles of Full and New Moon, we develop wisdom in our energy which is translated in the physical body in terms of the good health, skin, hair etc. with a steady decrease in the levels of purge. By consciously moving forward, we can strengthen our core energy (radius of circle) every 28 days. This definitely talks about how the Moon cycles facilitate the growth in the healing journey of every twin. Moving forward moment by moment by healing the various triggers and by releasing our deep emotions during the times of purge into source accelerates manifestation.

"Releasing your deep emotions during the time of purge into source accelerates manifestation."


To know more on this please listen to our recent podcast:

Twin Flames- The Power of Sensitivity: Accelerating Manifestation:


Sometimes crystals carry stagnant energy. To clear the stagnant energy associated with the crystals, we have the Full Moon activation energies for the crystals. Activating our crystals on regular basis and using them will be beneficial for our ascension journey.

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Full Moon in Gemini (12th December 2019, opening of the 1212 portal) marked the beginning of a new cycle for the twins. To know more on the 1212 and the 1221 portal, please read our blog:


The Full Moon in Gemini (ruling planet: Mercury) is all about the communication, attitude and sense of adventure. The opening of this portal might have opened up something that has been building inside of us in terms of action that was required to be taken in all the above mentioned areas. The Full Moon in Gemini occurred during a triple conjunction of Venus, Saturn and Pluto and was directly linked by quincunx aspects. All these aspects coupled up together indicate a rise in tension towards the tipping point and an adjustment needs to be made to restore the karmic balance. In these 15 days, we might have discovered the ways to let out the feelings that were building inside us. It is time to express ourselves by facing our fears so that we are in alignment with the Source. It is time for consolidating and preparing ourselves for physical unions by facing our fears.

This New Moon/ Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (ruling planet: Saturn) affects all the aspects of one’s life which questions the security, for example, career, achievements, accountability etc. This New Moon/ Eclipse are all about new beginnings regarding these matters. As we all know, Saturn is a planet of Karma and balancing of Karma. We are tested in those areas of life to help us learn a lesson needed to balance our karmic lessons. Whatever we need to learn will be delivered through this area in our lives. This is necessary for our Soul’s evolution, maturation and its growth. Sometimes Saturn is called the planet of FEAR which we develop due to our past experiences.

  • It is obvious from the observations above that the FEAR that was built up inside of us to be released during the energies of Full Moon in Gemini, if not released during these two weeks, the New Moon energy will make us release those FEARS due to the effect of Saturn.

The Schumann Resonance today and for the past one week shows the intensity of the region from 0 Hz- 12 Hz is very high indicating the deep subconscious feelings, fears, insecurities coming up to the surface to be cleared. This is happening so that we all reach a stage of surrender to the WHITE LIGHT so that we break apart from the conditioning that’s weighed us down this lifetime.


FEARS block the Root Chakra which increases the feeling of insecurity, unworthiness and many other such low vibrational feelings. Connect with this chakra and ask for help from Mother Gaia to be in sync with her heartbeat during these times.

To work on Root Chakra, click on this link, if you resonate:



This was about the Full Moon and the New Moon energies. Let us talk about an added effect to the New Moon on the 26th December 2019- ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE

The Solar eclipse that we are going to witness on the 26th December 2019 is called the “Annular Solar Eclipse”. This kind of phenomena happens when the Moon covers the Sun’s center leading to the outer edges of the Sun to be visible. This visible outer edge that we see on union of the Sun and the Moon makes it look like a ring and this structure that is formed is called the “ring of fire” or an “annulus” and hence the name.

Solar eclipses happen when the New Moon casts a shadow on Earth. Solar eclipses are only visible within the area where the shadow falls, and the closer we are to the center of the shadow, the bigger is the eclipse.

Annular solar eclipses happen when:

  1. On the day of New moon

  2. Right at the time when the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun are all aligned in a straight (or almost straight) line.

  3. The Moon is at the farthest point from Earth, so that the outer edge of the Sun remains visible as a ring of fire.

One question that can come to our mind is that “why does this not happen every New Moon?"

Let us start by defining what a New Moon is-

New Moon: It is the time at which the moon is in conjunction with the Sun, i.e. when the Sun and the Moon have the same ecliptic longitude. At this time, the Moon is invisible to the naked eye. New Moon as can be derived from the name; symbolize the beginning of a new energetic phase.

Well, this solar eclipse happens only when the Sun and the Earth are aligned exactly opposite to the either sides of the Moon. The speciality of Annular solar eclipse is that, we can see the Moon silhouetted against the Sun. I say this as a speciality since the New Moons are generally not visible from Earth. And this New Moon, the Moon is visible.

Various characteristics of Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipse conjunct Jupiter: Jupiter being the planet of growth, expansion, abundance, good luck; brings optimistic changes in all aspects of one’s life.

Solar eclipse trine Uranus: Uranus is the planet of awakening and authenticity; the solar eclipse increases the intensity of higher self-awareness that comes through increased intuition and insight. This is facilitated by the opening of 1212 portal. By being in alignment and facing our fears we become spiritually matured. Spiritual growth can be restrained if we resist the incoming energies or remain in the place of fear.

Jupiter trine Uranus: This transit lifts our spirits and opens our minds to new possibilities and encounters. This energy makes us all less reserved. Therefore, if you are in a stagnant energy and feeling stuck, it is the right time now for you to make use of these energies as they are pushing you to be open so that healing can happen. To know if you are in stagnant energy it is important to seek help from any healer that you resonate with because this aspect cannot be easily identified and can misguide or slow down your awakening process. The aspect of Jupiter is opening up horizons for a huge growth on spiritual levels to take place in conjunction with the energies of 1212 portal.

TWIN FLAME SYMBOLOGY OF THE PRESENT ENERGIES: from the time of Full Moon in Gemini (1212 portal, 12th December 2019) to Solar eclipse/New Moon (26th December 2019)

  • The FEAR that was built up inside of us to be released during the energies of Full Moon in Gemini, if not released during these two weeks, the New Moon energy will make us release those FEARS due to the effect of Saturn.

Another interesting aspect that I want to point out is the 21st of December being the shortest day of the year (first day of the winter). The reason why it is the shortest day of the year is due to the arc of the sun being the lowest on this day i.e., sun is at its lowest point right above the horizon and doesn’t stay up for too long. From the time of June 21st (Summer solstice- longest day of the year), the arc of the Sun keeps getting lower until we reach the 21st of December.

Back in those days this became a matter of concern to all those who worshiped the Sun God for fear of losing the Sunshine which is the reason for sustenance of life. 21st December the Sun slows down its movement and stops and that is why it is called the Winter Solstice. The etymology of the word solstice comes from Latin which is made up of two words: sol meaning “the sun” and stice meaning “to stand/stop”. But, this stoppage of the Sun doesn’t mean that its going to come back. It takes a few days to slow down, stop and reverse its path again to higher arcs above the horizon. When the people started to observe the movement of the Sun moving higher above the horizon is when they decided to CELEBRATE the RETURN OF THE SUN. The Sun ironically started to rise above the horizon on the 25th December, which also is celebrated as the CHRISTMAS- THE RETURN OF THE SON (JESUS). The symbology of this aspect is:

  • The RETURN OF SUN/SON- JESUS (strongest DM) talks about the return of the DM’s. The wisdom of the relationship, this true unconditional love is shining up on them so bright which also tells about there being no escape from the truth of their DF’s in their lives anymore.

The energies to facilitate the lifting of the karmic bonds (influence of Saturn) have intensified due to the influence of 1212/1221 portal and the Solar eclipse and New moon, so that we enter 2020 CARRYING NO BAGGAGE OF THE PAST. The ritual for lifting of the karmic bonds began in Rome facilitated by Athena and Zeus by surrendering and breaking free from any bondage. SURRENDERING IT ALL TO THE WHITE LIGHT.

Please click on this link if you would like to know more, participate and receive the package:

A Picture of Dec. 26 Eclipse Named as The "Ring of Fire"

  • The “ring of fire” exudes the energy of “engagement”- a celebration of exchange of finger rings between the couple. Marking of the two people as couples in the physical before the HOLY REUNION. Interesting aspect is the formation of the ring of fire. Here the Moon covers the Sun’s centre leaving the outer rims. This can be deciphered as the Moon- DF’s coming together with the Sun (DM’s) into a harmonious engagement with one another. This energy talk about the DF’s and DM’s syncing together in the physical.

  • Let us now talk about the order of the alignment of the Sun, Moon and the Earth in straight line- with the Moon being in between the Sun and Earth. The Moon symbolically defining the DF’s talks about the work she has done. The amount of healing she has done reflects the movement of the DM- the Sun. This scientifically talks about the distance between the Sun and the Moon.

The closer the Moon is to the Sun signifies the amount of healing the DF has done and the physical union with the DM being closer and vice versa. The DF being in complete balance of the higher and the physical and grounding the SPIRITUAL/ UNCONDITIONAL LOVE into the physical (the Earth) to uplift the vibrations of Earth to 5D.

  • Of late the auroras are green in colour which again talks of the Mother Earth’s energy- which is grounding the higher purpose and love in the physical. Also, New moon in Capricorn- Capricorn is an Earth sign which again talks about grounding of the higher into the physical.

  • The speciality of this New Moon, as we already know, the Moon is visible. This says a lot about the DM’s not being able to take their thoughts away from their DF’s anymore. The energies are all facilitating the unions as we are stepping into 2020.

  • The alignment of the Sun and the Moon in a straight line talks about one of the important physical merges. This is taking form in the physical by showing the changes in the body temperatures of the DF and the DM. This is a sign of REUNION of the twins as the physical body starts syncing and understanding each other. In other words, THE HARMONIOUS REUNION- the merge of the higher and the lower, the spiritual and the physical. In order for the DM and the DF to be together, our energies have to be in sync and whole together. This merge has the energy of 1221 and the energy of 2020 which is coming forward. This is when we start experiencing more bliss, peace and energy of content within us in the physical.

  • The 12*12=144 which is the energy of union of twin counterparts- energy which is facilitating the union of the twins.

Those DF’s who have healed, being whole and understands the depths and uniqueness of the twin flame bond and have a thorough understanding that this bond is a sacred bond which is inevitable between the twins and that no man can come in between the twins, not even the twin counterparts or ourselves, can begin to see the changes happening in the physical. Healing ourselves by looking at everything through spiritual eyes will align us all towards unions especially during these potent times where the UNIVERSE is giving all it can to facilitate the process of unions in the physical.


The energies are here to facilitate the physical reunions.

All the wisdom you have gained on the journey is helping you seal,

is helping you ground,

is helping you tie the final knot

– ISIS AND NEFERTITI (channeled by Zita)


Sending Love and Light

Zita, Charu, Daira

Best Friends in service

Heartstrings Connection

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