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Twin Flame Merge: The Journey of Twin Souls

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Hello Beautiful Souls

This blog is about the most famous word that we keep hearing predominantly on twin flame journey… ANY GUESSES???………………………………………………………………

We are going to be talking about the UNIONS of twin flames.

Twin flames are higher conscious beings of love, who are now here on earth on a mission. A mission to help humanity by raising its vibration through love. Love is the vibration through which the entire Universe sustains. Our every breath is sustained through the power of love. Our connection and relationship with everything that exists is because of this love. Love heals and sustains life.

The bond between the twins are very strong. They are the same soul. The twins are twined together in energy and seek each other constantly, this connection does not only invoke within a twin when their eyes meet, but throughout their life, they keep exchanging energy and sustaining each other. This bond onsets the spiritual awakening when their eyes meet in the physical, helping each other go through the process of healing and integrating the energies required on one’s ascension journey. They are given keys to the highest wisdom and are entrusted with Divine responsibilities. Each twin goes through the journey and finding their truest form and being whole, and then meet each other. This bond on being whole and together grounds the higher love which facilitates the humanity for the greater good for all.

Twins are heavenly protected by the Divine in all means, helping them be their whole self.

There is no parting of the twins, they always find each other back. Twin flames are one soul, in healing they find each other. Through wholeness they attract. The twins flame journey is towards whole than Union itself.

The whole twins, usually the Divine Feminine, who goes through this awakening prior than the Divine Masculine is given the Key of Life, Key of Freedom, The ONK which enables her to be whole and attract her Divine Masculine.

So taking everyone into the basics will further highlight why taking responsibility of our healing is crucial, especially with the onset of 1212 portals and 2020 energies that we are currently dealing with. With the intense energies coming in at this time to heal us, we can get wallowed into the pain and fear which might bury us all in stagnant energy. Learning to purge and “conscious reminder” or “remembering to remember” to be in alignment can go a long way in healing.

It’s important to know the twin flame journey w.r.t to the current energy where the twin flames have reached.

The twins are now opened the new veils of knowing the journey

The Key of one

The Key of life

The Cross

This is the ultimate destination that the soul of the Divine Feminine seeks

As this light code is integrated within, the Divine Feminine is set free

There is freedom

There is liberation

There is joy

There is bliss

All the blocks and chains are broken

We call it the ultimatum goal of the Divine Feminine

The cosmic heart

Through this, is how the union is achieved on a twin journey

The Divine Feminine should practice being whole than focusing on her counterpart

Being whole will attract not while longing

Few practices helps the Divine Feminine reach this place of wholeness and connecting to her cosmic heart which ceases the separation pain

Purging is an important portal for all healing

Learning how to purge is important and vital for spiritual well being

Being love and healing through blessing portals (purge) will set one free

Let us at this point be reminded of the time of Lemuria when the 144,000 twin flame pure light energy was incarnated to seal the purpose this lifetime and while I write this the time is 12:12 P.M (a confirmation). Twin flames are here to activate these ascension seeds that were sown. The activation that the twin flames are going to bring about the key to evolution of becoming beings of light and raising the humanity to higher dimensions by integrating with the Cosmic Heart and Christ Consciousness thereby aligning with the Divine will. THIS JOURNEY IS ALL ABOUT BECOMING A WHOLE WITHIN OURSELVES SO THAT FROM WHOLENESS WE ATTRACT.

We have all entered the “Age of Aquarius” which is the age of twin flames. We are all coming together to join forces in love to anchor higher consciousness into this Golden Age. It is the power of true love to heal and eradicate all the lower energies and transmute it to higher energies in turn facilitating the healing of Mother Gaia. Twin flames are template of PERFECT/ UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

As and when we heal through the purges by facing our triggers and begin to merge the male and female polarities from within, we become WHOLE and reach a state of ONENESS. The number 12 carries the energy of WHOLENESS/ONENESS/TOTALITY/UNITY. If you notice the number in 1212 portal and multiply the two numbers, 12*12=144. 144 (144,000) talks about the frequency of Christ Consciousness. Adding the numbers of 1212 and 1221 which amounts to number 6, talks about the unconditional love. This number tells us that, we twins are here to bring down the template of unconditional love by being LOVE always. These numbers are activations and is important to heal ourselves so that we balance the duality (being WHOLE) within us and integrate the light codes so that we align with our Divine purpose. This is an important portal to connect to our higher consciousness to facilitate the unions in the physical. To know more about this important portal, please read: https://www.heartstringsconnection.com/post/twinflame-energyupdate-1212-portal-cosmicheart-geminifullmoon

We very often keep hearing the word healing. What is this healing?

Healing is nothing but a knowing of how to consciously handle a situation which triggers us. We are all happy when the situations around us is in resonance with our energy at that time, but, when the situations are intense or heavy, the way we respond at that moment is the key to our healing. Please read our blog on how to do effecting healing during triggers and important energy portals: https://www.heartstringsconnection.com/post/understanding-and-harnessing-the-equinox-energy

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We want to tell everyone that the one solution to everything on a twin flame journey is to HEAL THROUGH LOVE. If we don’t know how to heal, no amount of retrogrades, celestial alignments, New/Full moons and hearing the readers say “unions are here” will be of help in anyway- ZITA. It is always about doing the self healing on a regular basis and being well informed about the various spiritual tools which will help us during the intense times. This reminds me of a quote by Zita:

Please visit our pinterest page for channeled messages on various topics: https://www.pinterest.ch/wisdomtalkwithzita/


Whenever we hear the readers telling “the unions are here”, it basically talks about the merge energies. The above is a post on a channeled message by Zita which tells us what a merge means.

The term merging with respect to the twin flame journey means that the twin souls long for each other and on reaching certain layers of healing, merge to become one on various energetic and physical levels.

The merges in the energetic body happens by past life clearing, blood line clearing, trauma healing, a recognition of our Divine purpose, alignment of chakras, the twins having a realization of who they are and everything that is related to the higher and spiritual world. From the understanding that we have had, the energetic merges are initiated during the initial stages of our awakening, i.e. from the time we had the recognition of our Divine counterparts. In the early awakening stages our physical bodies had to go through a transition period when it was getting connected to the WHITE LIGHT. The transition period was difficult because our bodies were transitioning to our new selves (new light body), the sleep awake states are different, the awakening symptoms and not to forget the celestial phenomena that accelerated the process of clearing initially.

At this time we start experiencing the destruction phase, which opens us to the spiritual world. This happens so that all those low vibrations is cleansed out of our system that have been an obstruction from opening up our chakras and energy systems. All our fears, past traumas and many patterns that have hurt us come to surface for healing. We may feel a roller coaster of emotions at this time, sometimes being in our highest and sometimes going to the lowest of the lows. At this time, we might even seek help thinking that we are going insane if I may say so, because at this phase, we need to release everything which we believed once to be true for us. This back and forth shift in our feelings is the rebalancing that is happening in our energetic bodies. This may be the most challenging part of the journey but, this is a crucial part because this is the time we start transitioning from the 3D contructs and begin to have a realization that there is something more to us than just what we were doing in our 3D lives. We longer resonate with the 3D world and begin to question what is actually the truth and this question is the beginning of our lives into the spiritual realms. And what I mean by heading into the spiritual realms is, at this point the Divine start showing signs of us being “TWIN FLAMES” which until this point we might have not probably known. This very understanding that we are twin flames is the most blissful message that we could hear at that point. It is like a message of appreciation from the Divine for facing our fears and the pains that we went through before.

Once we move through this phase and having the knowledge that we are Twinflames, we start to find out the truth about the concepts and start learning what ENERGY WORK actually means. We start to learn what affects our energy system like the chakras that govern our well being, the celestial influences on us, solar activity, the people around us and how to work/ heal ourselves of these energies so that our energy is protected. We begin to learn that triggers are situations that come up to show us where we require to heal and how purges push us to clear our system to facilitate the merges between the twins. At this point, we begin to accept ourselves to the fullest and release those parts that is bound to the 3D world. The more we develop the maturity to deal with unsettling situations, the more we gain wisdom to move forward and heal.We begin to slowly feel inner peace and there is no doubt of this Divine relationship that we have with our twins. Well, I must say that this doubt doesn’t fade away very easily. There are many instances where we feel like untwining our twins. But, with the progress of the twin flame journey we begin to realise that we twins are inseparable. When we blame our Divine counterparts, we are basically blaming ourselves, when we are angry at them, we are angry at ourselves, when we love them, we love ourselves. We learn that there is no separation and separation is just a 3D illusion. This realization will make the healing work that we do for ourselves faster, resulting in the healing of our counterparts as well. This is the reason why I started this document with the basics of “Who twin flames are and how we are ONE with our Divine counterparts."

Since we begin to understand how to work with energies, initiation of the mental and emotional bodies start taking place. Emotional body can be a confusing part because suddenly we may feel a certain way not knowing where it came from. In times like this we don’t need to know anything at all. Just being love and sending yourself love until the pain dissipates is the only way so that we can get a clarity of what happened to us. Starting to question why we feel a certain way and thinking about it will only generate resistance to the process of healing that is required to be done by us at that moment. So, the answer to it all is to just BE LOVE. Being love in all situations will lead to merging on the hearts of the twins slowly and steadily in layers. Please read our blog to know more on how to heal: