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Leap Year Influence on Twin Flame Journey


Hello Beautiful Soul Family

This is Charu writing the blog. Let me give a brief introduction of myself today. I have been on this twin flame journey for a while now and as I move forward on this journey with the grace of the Divine along with Zita (my guru and best friend) and Daira (my best friend), it amazes me as to how the Universe speaks to us. The inspiration for me to write this blog was the sudden connect I made with the numbers one fine night when I was almost going to hit the bed. This was the night of 1st March 2020, the day following the leap day. Hmmm…. Yes you are right, it was a divine inspiration with the Divine flashing certain episodes in my life which helped me make the observations and connections that I made out in this blog. Discussing this aspect with Zita and Daira made me realise the significance of this information.

Every blog that has been written by me comes from a certain observation that catches my eye which is pertaining to the energies that we might probably be experiencing at that particular point in time. The three of us sit together and work on the blog with Zita reading energies and helping me draw certain conclusions from the observations that I am drawn to about a particular topic and Daira uses her magical gift to make beautiful posts out of the blogs. Writing these beautifully and divinely inspired blogs have always helped me heal personally and expand energetically and we hope that it does the same with all of you. Everything we put out is from the pure intention of helping the community because we believe “Abundance is for all.” I hope you all enjoy the blog and get some realizations just like it did for us.

If you all have been following us, you would have known by now, that the year 2020 has brought in a lot of energies which are facilitating the “twin flame bond.” (Please listen to our podcasts and read our blogs for the understanding of the bliss and clarity on our divine journey which eases our day-to-day life). Another speciality added to the year 2020 is also the fact that it is a leap year, first time since 2016.

As the name suggests, leap year gives us all a leap with an extra day added to the calendar. This leap day/extra day in the year was created back in the 45 BC by Julius Ceasar as a way to balance any discrepancies in the calendar. This happens only every four years.

Going by the numbers of the day 29 (2+9=11), 11 talks about the energy of awakening, evolution and enlightenment. Though 29 occurs every month, 29th February (29/2) is very rare combination which happens every four years. The rare combination of 29/2 together carries the energy of number 4 which means a shift in unity consciousness (a collective mass shift in energy). This energy with regards to twin flames talks about the union energies and reaching a place of WHOLENESS from within. The number 29/2 can also be written as 2/2 which talks about the DM and DF parts. During this portal, the divine counterparts are activated to a major clearing and healing that occurs through their individual “journey of spirals” which facilitates the coming together of the twins. Every leap year, during this day, the DF and DM are seen as a WHOLE/ as one soul and tremendous amounts of activations take place on the DF and DM.

A leap day allows us extra one day and creates a rare/golden vibration which to reminds me of the concept of “singularity.” A zone where all the laws of the nature that we are aware of become infinite/ indistinguishable. Where space and time realities merge and cease to have any meaning. This also talks about the “parallel universe” which means that all the past, present and future of our own lives is happening in the NOW/ simultaneously. Walking through 29th February 2020, a leap day, this rare portal or pockets of energy opens us up to our akashic records. So, being conscious, love and continuously reminding ourselves to be centered will open our system to the vortex and outer realms. It is a powerful portal of clearing and healing not only the present life time, but also the past and the future since all of them co-exist.

Another interesting observation with the numbers (29/2/2020- 2+9+2+2+0+2+0= 17= 8).

The number 7 and the combinations of the number like number 17, talks about the energy of the DM’s (

This definitely concurs with all the recent podcasts that we have been putting up on youtube about the DM’s going through the dark night of the soul. This portal has accentuated the energy for the DM’s which is being felt by the DF’s. Like already mentioned, being love and surfing through the ebb of flow of this energy by being love will help us shift the bond with our twins immensely. Please listen to our recent podcasts on this topic: and Since the beginning of the 2020 energies, we have been noticing the energies facilitating the awakening of the DM’s ( This leap day in the leap year looks like a leap for the twins expediting a fast track awakening.

The leap day carries the energy of number 8 in this year of 2020. (29/2/2020- 2+9+2+2+0+2+0= 17= 8)…. (1). Observing the shape of number 8, we can understand that it resembles the sign of infinity. Also, the two parts of the number 8 talks about the circle, i.e., circle of life, death and rebirth. The shape of the number 8 also talks about the “balance” and “abundance.” It is the number of “Karma” and stands for the planet “Saturn.” The number carries along with it, feminine energy and is the highest feminine number. Also from an astrological point of view, the leap day falls in the sign of Pisces which is again an interesting aspect since Pisces carries along a feminine polarity. The core expression of Pisces is to help us return to unity, balance which seems to the theme of the leap day. This feels like the alignment is pushing the DF’s to reach a state of WHOLENESS. Wholeness within ourselves with regards to our twins and with the abundance that we see around.

This energy of 8 is indicative of the financial support from the Divine. The energy is calling out for all the DF’s to take that step forward in new directions to fulfill our soul’s calling. Now is the time to take that step forward to reap the rewards, DF’s. Being WHOLE is the exercise we need to emphasize on at this point. Watch our podcast on Twin Flames: Transition from Separation Pain to Wholeness (

Interestingly, 1st March 2020 (1+3+2+0+2+0=8) also carries the energy of number 8 which represents the cycles of life, death and rebirth- stands for the planet Saturn. Energy of the Saturn is carried forward from the month of February to the month of March and this movement is confirmed by the transition of Saturn from Capricorn to Aquarius after 2.5 years (since 2017) which will be elaborated in the point 3 below……(2)

As we all know, Saturn is a planet of Karma and balancing of Karma. We are tested in those areas of life to help us learn a lesson needed to balance our karmic lessons. Whatever we need to learn will be delivered through this area in our lives. This is necessary for our Soul’s evolution, maturation and its growth. This teaches us about importance of the karmic cycles the Divine Masculine have to go through. As Divine Feminine, we help Divine Masculine by seeing them through the energy of love without giving energy to their karmic cycles. As twins, the Divine Feminine holds great influence on her Divine Masculine’s energy. Thus her energy should only be focused on love for her Divine Masculine rather than his karmic cycles. Because what we give energy to, grows.

From the beginning of the year, with the influx of the 2020 energes, we can observe that planet Saturn has been having its effects on us all, especially the DF’s (please look into our blogs to have a clear understanding). This is in concurrence with the previous paragraph (energy of number 8 and its feminine polarity) and with the conjunctions like:

  1. Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (Aspects of Lunar eclipse- January, 2020). To know more, please click on:

  2. Alignments of special planets during MahaShivratri (February, 2020- Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn). To read more on MahaShivratri and the portal’s significance on twin flames and the DM’s, please click

  3. We have, on March 19-20, Equinox with the Sun in Aries (March, 2020)- Since Aries is considered the first zodiac sign and that Sun is returning to the sign of Aries signifies the start of the new cycle. Sun (representative of the DM’s) coming back into the sign of Aries (ELEMENT: FIRE) carrying a masculine polarity implies that the DM’s are being pushed to be able to take action and initiative tending to their hearts desires. Also, the transition of the Sun coming back to the first sign of the zodiac, looks like the rebirth of the DM’s.

  • In the first week of March, Venus will be in heavy alignment with Saturn: Venus is a planet which carries a feminine energy and talks about our relationship with others. It also helps us reach a place of balance. This alignment is, yet again, talking about the influence of the Saturn, the planet of Karma on the DF’s. Being aware and being in the vibration of love will help lift the karmic bondages at this time. Self- love, forgiveness for yourself, others and not being hard on yourself will bring calm during this time. Only the DF can heal the DM.

  • Equinox: Equinox is the time when the Sun sits over the equator with the Northern and Southern hemispheres receiving the Sun rays almost equally. This is when the day and night are almost equal in length. The energy of the spring equinox talks about the portal bringing in the waves of balance (with concordance with the energy of number 8), merging of the masculine and the feminine energies from within, the veil becoming thin for the merge between the spiritual and the physical world. - (grounding of the higher consciousness to the physical) and transition from the duality consciousness to ONENESS.

Also, Saturn enters Aquarius marking an energetic bridge into the new cycle. Aquarius is an air sign concerned with the growth, development, and expression. Aquarius energy is showing us the path to move forward in a new direction.

This transit is testing times for the twins to see if we are going to be listening to our soul’s calling and true purpose irrespective of the situations around us. If we keep listening to our heart and moving through every challenge from a place of love, this alignment will help us move forward on achieving our soul’s mission.

Sometimes Saturn is called the planet of FEAR which we develop due to our past experiences. FEARS block the Root Chakra which increases the feeling of insecurity, unworthiness and many other such low vibrational feelings. Connect with this chakra and ask for help from Mother Gaia to be in sync with her heartbeat during these times. To work on Root Chakra, click on this link, if you resonate:

Prophecies hold that the twin flames will be coming into an alchemical marriage and reunion to become one soul between the years of 2012-2024. Do these number strike a cord in you all?????? Well, it did to me because 2012 and 2024 are also leap years and the other leap years in between are 2016 and 2020. Also, from 2012 to 2024 there is a gap of 12 years (2012+12=2024- 12:12 energy and 12*12=144- Christ Consciousness). To know more on this, click on our blog: (



This was when we entered the “Age of Aquarius." This time brings down the template of HIGHER LOVE AND ONENESS which is very indicative of of the time period for the twin flames to carry out our respective missions of divine purpose. The year of 2012, the Earth, the Sun of our solar system began started aligning with the Central Sun (the birth place of twins), uplifting the Earth to higher vibrations. The Earth stepped into the photon belt in 2012 after the Golden age of Egyptian timelines. The Photon Belt is a band of light photons that runs through the Central Sun of the Pleiadian System. This is the time where we are making a great leap in consciousness, out of fear and into LOVE. In the Age of Aquarius, we are understanding and learning to align our free will to the Divine will.

To brief a little on our experiences, Zita had strong feelings of being prepared to meet her twin and had a recognition of her deep burning soul purpose, Daira was 15 years old back then and she remembers and sensed the very first time of becoming aware of certain things and saw things very differently. She felt an awakening inside her, while I was dealing with karmic relationships in my life which awakened me to a lot of important lessons which was preparing me to meet my twin. 2012 was the starting point of me beginning to understand my purpose with children.

Focusing on the energies of 29th February 2012 and the next day like mentioned above in (1) and (2) for the year 2020.

29/2/2012- (2+9+2+2+0+1+2= 9)

1/3/2012- (1+3+2+0+1+2=9)

Number 9 ruled by the planet of Mars talks about the completion, beginning and awakeing into a new phase and recognition. It carries a very masculine energy. 9 is a symbol of encountering many challenges in life and having the strength to overcome it.

This energy of 9 exactly correlates with our experiences.

2016, 2020, 2024:

Since the entry of the Earth into the photon belt in 2012, the following years including the leap years until 2024 are teaching us to be BE LOVE AND WHOLE in various layers so that we keep choosing higher timelines and evolve with time.

2016: Looking into the numbers of (29/2/2016=4) and (1/3/2016=4), number 4 is believed to be a perfect number by mathematicians which talks about Wholeness, unity. The number 4 instantly reminded me of the four elements – earth, water, air and fire. Also, our multidimensional selves are made of four different bodies, namely, physical body, the mental body, the emotional body and the spiritual body. Number 4, since it embodies wholeness seems like a number carrying feminine energy.

Looking back into 2016, we entered the phase of separation on our twin flame journey in the physical and it was during this time that we started to experience the destruction phase opening us up to the spiritual world. A phase of transmutation of the low vibrations from our system and opening of the chakras and energy systems. This is very symbolic of the four elements that was mentioned above because the first four chakras (the lower chakras) among the seven chakras are represented by the elements of earth- root chakra, water- sacral chakra, fire- solar plexus chakra and air- heart chakra. A continuous healing of the lower chakras opens up the higher chakras with the heart chakra acting as the bridge (the balancing and opening of the lower and the higher chakras). With continuous healing, all stagnated energy will come up to be cleared, released and transformed to facilitate the purification of all the bodies. Through love we can transmute all the low vibrations.

Please read our blog to know more on this topic: Twin Flame Merge: The Journey of Twin Souls (

This implies the fact that 2016 carrying the energy of wholeness was teaching us to be WHOLE within ourselves. The separation phase was essential to teach us the important lesson of “WHOLENESS from within.”  Just like how all the four elements coexist.

2016 had opened up portals for the healing of the DF’s. With the continuous lessons, the DF’s have reached a certain place in the healing journey in 2020, helping the divine counterpart move the arc in their cycle of healing.

2020: Moving on to the numbers of (29/2/2020= 8) and (1/3/2020=8) as already mentioned, this feels like the energy is pushing the DF’s to reach a state of WHOLENESS. Wholeness within ourselves with regards to our twins and with the abundance that we see around. This energy of 8 is indicative of the financial support from the Divine. The energy is calling out for all the DF’s to take that step forward in new directions to fulfill our soul’s calling. Now is the time to take that step forward to reap the rewards, DF’s. Being WHOLE is the exercise we need to emphasize on at this point. (The Twin Flame Bond Healing Exercise: Healing the communication gap and coming closer with your twin:

Now the DF’s have come to this place because we have worked through a lot, we’ve seen magic around us, we have received a lot of syncs, we have been connected to Source. We are moving from a place of ego to the place of love/self love. Through all of the healing that we have done from all of the years is fastening the awakening of the DM’s.

2024: With the numbers of (29/2/2024=3) and (1/3/2024=3). Number 3 talks about abundance, creation and growth. This also talks about “trinity.” When the word trinity is split, it breaks down to “tri” which means “three” and “unity” meaning “one”. This implies that we become one with the Divine. Our body, mind and soul gets aligned with the Divine.

This stage of becoming one with the Divine can only be reached by conscious efforts to be in alignment on everyday basis. This requires us all to know how to purge and use the important energy portals to heal and see triggers as blessing portals. These portals are pushing us to choose higher timelines. Being love is the most powerful vibrational currency to shift and transmute low vibrations inside us.

Looking into the Schumann Resonance on the 29th February 2020, the frequency of 7.83 Hz saw the highest power at 21 for a brief time and got back to calm conditions of power 10. During the leap day, we were almost in sync with the heartbeat of Mother Gaia for most of the day. Connecting with Mother Earth and grounding the energies by working on Earth star chakra ( would have helped to calm down any uneasiness caused during the day. There was nothing much happening with the Schumann Resonance but, I am sure many would have felt uneasiness and pain just like we did. This is due to the influence of the Mercury retrograde on the twin flames. To know more on the topic and how the mercury going retrograde is affecting us at this time, please watch our videos on YouTube:

Mercury Retrograde and its Spiritual Influence:,

Twin Flames: Understanding the difference between Supernatural Twin Flame Pain and Personal Healing:,

Twin Flame Energy Update: Message Received from the Raven in the Quantum Field:

Looking into the information on solar winds, they were speeding into the Earths surface at a speed of 540.2 km/sec causing unrest in the geomagnetic field which was further magnified by the effects of mercury retrograde on The Earth causing green colour auroras. On the 1st March 2020, we did have a geomagnetic storm coming in creating a magnetic unrest.

From all of the above observations made, it looks like the leap years have always been instrumental in the awakening of the twin flames to a new level from the time the Earth had entered the photon belt in 2012. The reason for enlightening everyone with the numbers that each leap day of each leap year carry is to edify the fact that each leap year carries a different energy or we could call it a timeline leap and knowing this information will help us all have our own self realisations based on our own journey to enable our healing.

This leap day of 2020 carries the energy of the number 8. This is not going to be the same energy in the year of 2024. So, allowing these energies to work through you is crucial. I know this is coming as a repetition but, this is just to restate to everyone that it is time for the DF’s to surrender the pain and fear to the WHITE LIGHT, step into our soul’s calling and tap into the energy of WHOLENESS.

It is from wholeness that we attract - Zita.

With the energies of Mahashivratri, the leap day and mercury retrograde, all drawing attention to the fact of going inwards to tap into a new energy within our own soul.

Dr. Charanyaa Sampath

Sending Love and Light

Zita, Charu, Daira

Best Friends in service

Heartstrings Connection


Zita, Charu, and Daira have a shared purpose to work with the children. We are grateful that for the first time on our own spiritual journey, we have the opportunity to announce that we will be moving forward with working with the children as the next step in our mission.

To learn more about our project, Children's Heartstrings Connection, you can read the full story here:

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Very soon, we will be sharing more on our projects with the children, and any upcoming planning which you can join, volunteer and contribute.

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