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Understanding and Harnessing The Equinox Energy

Updated: Nov 8, 2019


Equinox (September)

Equinox is the time when the Sun sits over the equator with the Northern and Southern hemispheres receiving the Sun rays almost equally. This is when the day and night are almost equal in length.

What I derive from it:

  • This Equinox portal is getting in the waves of balance.

  • Merging of the masculine and feminine energies from within

  • The veil is thin for the merge between the spiritual and the physical world. - (grounding of the higher consciousness to the physical) - (working on the Earth star chakra at this time is essential for grounding)

  • Transition from the duality consciousness to ONENESS.

There are two types of equinoxes. 1. Spring equinox 2. Autumn equinox

Autumnal equinox began on the 23rd of September. A time of preparation for the onset of winter. Basically, a festival celebrated in the Pagan tradition to give thanks for the abundance of the crops available to consume for the rest of the winter.

This can be taken figuratively in a way that we all resort to being grateful for all the abundance that we have in life right NOW.

The time talks to me about the importance of the journey inwards by being grateful for the lessons learned from the experiences in the past few months. Working on our shadow selves like ego, fears, subconscious debris, etc. now is the time to break free from any chains holding us from our freedom and true authenticity.

This equinox gateway has brought in high frequencies from the Sun and the Galactic Sun. On September 20, the Schumann Resonance (the heartbeat of Mother Earth, which has a base frequency of 7.83 Hz) reached a peak of 99 Hz. The 10th, 11th, 12th October, 2019 saw a significant activity in the SR. On 11th October 2019, the SR hit a peak value of 59 Hz. The intensity of the SR seems to be exponentially high in the region of 0-8 Hz for the abve mentioned three days. This region talk about the subconscious memories coming up for healing. The significant rise in SR is assisted by the Solar winds moving at very high speeds and promoting the phase of Earth with increased quantities of high frequency waves. These high frequencies may cause an imbalance in the third eye and crown chakras. Grounding and connecting to EARTH STAR CHAKRA is important at this point. Please visit our website for the EARTH STAR CHAKRA healing:

The SR update from the end of 12th (a day before the full moon) to 16th October 2019 shows a blank space.

Also with the Full Moon on charts (October 13th, 2019), we are all pushed into accessing our emotional side. This may again bring up the deep shadow aspects of oneself.

The transition from intense activity in SR till 12th October 2019 and then the blank space witnessed in the charts of SR from then onwards gave us a picture of the Divine Masculines undergoing immense turmoil (evident with the high SR) during this time leading to the death of their ego (evident with the blank space in SR charts). The death energy is on their side.

In moments like these all we want to say is that

“Be love until the fear dissipates”.- ZITA

Please watch our purge videos on youtube to know more:

There is also a free booklet on our website on how to use SR and Astrology updates as spiritual tools for healing: Also you can watch youtube videos on the same: and

One of the doubts that I used to have which I am sure many of you might be having is something that I am going to address below:

Many a times on the journey, we don’t know why we feel a certain way, especially the lows that we feel. We may also want to know the aspect that’s coming for healing (for instance: is it due to the childhood traumas, or is it because of our twins, etc.) This confusion of “not knowing” what is coming up for healing can drive us mad along with the madness that we already are facing. Let me highlight this fact that I have been taught by Zita: “LETTING GO OF THE VERY NEED TO KNOW EVERTHING” is very imperative. Dying to this CONTROL OF WANTING TO KNOW that we hold on to is essential. We have always been programmed to take control of our lives and this aspect of dying to the 3d construct is another lesson I have learnt in the process of healing myself. Therefore, not knowing that aspect coming up for healing is absolutely fine. In course of time, with practice, you will know. Being in this place of LOVE and GRATITUDE will shift your energy and this process is what we call TRANSMUTATION AND TRANSFORMATION.


Having said all these, I cannot tell how much of an uneasiness can be caused in all of us due to the incoming frequencies in terms of the purges (cleansing of our systems) we face due to celestial movements, ascension symptoms, our own twin flame journey’s. I very well understand that part of it. But, we want to be open about this and say that instead of concentrating on how much of an uneasiness it is causing in you and talking more about that aspect, you need to understand the subtle messages that come through these energies in the form of uneasiness it causes in you. The more you talk about something, the more of that particular vibration expands- be it good or bad. It is the law of nature (law of attraction). Shifting from the energy of purge, like I said, is not easy, but is definitely achievable and in the course of time we benefit from the practice. SPIRITUALITY IS A DISCIPLINE AND IT IS TO BE TREATED THAT WAY.

If you haven’t been able to get around to heal yourself successfully, then maybe NOW is the time to make some amends with the practice.

Important information that we want to reveal here is that, these aspects of celestial movements, solar phenomena, Schumann Resonance etc. influence us in subtle and profound ways. Learning to take advantage (a conscious knowledge and taking practical action) of these forces in order to improve our lives is a prerequisite at the precipice of the great awakening that we are witnessing on Earth. All these act as an important portal for an intense and rapid healing in you. We suggest everyone to make use of these portals for an effective and productive healing.

There has to be an effort from our sides for healing to happen. Just knowing about the celestial informations, for example: just knowing if ‘a retrograde is happening’ is not enough. These celestial phenomena will not magically heal all of us if we don’t allow the energies to work through us. For this to happen, OPENESS is important. We need to be open to the energies so that it can work on us. Let us not fear any phenomena- let me give an example to accentuate the above sentence- when it’s a “retrograde” the first reaction mostly in all of us is “OMG it’s a retrograde and don’t know what is going to happen”. This vibration will create a resistance in us. Which is why being open is a requisite for effective healing. Just know that these portals are going to facilitate in all of us a period of effective healing. We should be joyous and grateful that the universe is giving us all an opportunity to heal (P.S- Universe gives us all multiple opportunities). It is important that we seize it.


While we do need a healer to lift us from stagnant energy and heal us from the deep seated wounds that we may not be able to heal during the initial stages of awakening, we can work on ourselves on an everyday basis by being love throughout to dissipate the pain and fear. The incoming high frequency vibrations hitting the face of the Earth at this time can only help us if we allow it to work through us. Having the knowledge about the profound effects that these portals can have on us is in itself “healing”. Talking about being in the vibration of stagnant energy- we want to say that it is only through facing the ‘periods of purge’ that our body is shaken from stagnant energy. So feel those emotions but don’t allow it to spiral you down for long time.

And it is this very knowledge of these forces that has helped Zita, Daira and I on our journeys. Nevertheless, healing on an everyday basis is important. We are twin flames and on a twin flame journey and the triggers that always crop up in front of us is to make us recognize the unhealed aspects of us. When we are triggered, it is important to realize that the outside world is a reflection of the inside of us. Had it not been for the triggers that come up, we wouldn’t know our true authentic selves. Being in complete gratitude to the triggers shifts our energy. There is no blame game here. The energy we vibrate in is the energy that we attract in our lives. So taking complete responsibility of our lives and knowing that everything is because of “our” energy is crucial. It is all about the “Law of Cause and Effect”. ENERGY IS EVERYTHING.

Like Zita always says “Abundance is for everyone, just like the sun and the moon. No one can limit your abundance” this information we thought was essential to share because Abundance/ healing is for everyone and we want healing for all. It is time for us Divine Feminines to rise up from stagnant energy of pain and shift our focus to healing. It is through the layers we heal. Remember that YOU ARE ALWAYS IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME. PURGE is ESSENTIAL and a BLESSING. It is only through this process, we see the light of the day, though the process can be considered dark and daunting.

Aren’t we all to be grateful for “Triggers and Purges”??? We will let you all to ponder and answer to this question. We want to say that the process is a BLESSING with practice and a conscious understanding.

Zita, Charu, Daira

Best friends in service

Heartstrings Connections

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