Best Friends In Service

We, Zita, Charu, & Daira come together to spread love & light. Through our different levels of ascension, we'd like to teach through connecting to the simplicity, love, joy, gratitude.


Anyone can have abundance. We would like to teach others how they can get connected through light language, how to access their intuitive mind, as well as how to heal through purges, and dark nights of the soul.


We want to break down spirituality and make it for everyone. Whether that would be with children, teenagers, those awakening to the journey, spiritual teachers/healers, and those simply interested in living rather than surviving and doing what makes their soul sing. 

To show others through love, that being in alignment can be extremely easy and simple. 

Anything is possible. 
Join us, let us connect, through love & gratitude.


  • Ritual To Lift The Karmic Bonds by Athena and Zeus
    September 2019
    Rome, Italy
  • Divine Masculine Channeling
    Divine Blessings
    A PDF will be sent to you upon completion
    Divine Blessings
    A PDF will be sent to you upon completion

"Abundance is for everyone, just like the sun and the moon.
No one can limit your abundance."